Friday, November 20, 2009

11/20/09: Good On McCullers..

Columbus Crew GM Mark McCullers gives a much needed, state of the Crew union address here. I like most of what he had to say. Good points on the Nordecke, the team, and the fact that we still had a pretty successful 2009 (could have been a lot worse). Anyways, good timing for a State of the Union, as everyone has been a little over the top with all of the rumors lately, including myself.

The Schelotto thing is in the early stages as well. Who knows Schelotto might take the offer, he did say he might look it over once he "cools down." If McCullers can sign Schelotto up for $227,000 or a little more, he is a genius. So, lets wait to see what happens with that before jumping to conclusions.. Once again myself included.


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