Monday, November 16, 2009

11/17/09: The Donald Mentions Columbus

In a UK Eurosport Yahoo Article:
"For many, many years, people said, 'Hey, soccer is never going to make it because Americans don't understand the game, it's a foreign sport, people might play the game but they stop playing as teenagers.'

"We have proven in many, many markets, we've proven it in Toronto, we've proven it in Seattle, in Chicago and Columbus, that all of these people who have grown up with the game now can get into stands and can replicate that aspect of the game that gets them very excited when they are watching the EPL (English Premier League) or La Liga on television," he added.

"We now have that in MLS. To me this is a by-product of the league being around for 14 years, of expansion and more and more teams, very broad television coverage and deeper commitment to the sport (on television)...


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