Monday, November 16, 2009

11/16/09: Top Moment of 2009

My Personal Opinion- The top moment of 2009 for the Columbus Crew, the pinnacle of the season, was the comeback Trillum Cup win complete with a goal in the final minute to steal away the trophy from hated TFC. 3-2, thanks for coming, try again next year.

This below video I made illustrates the perfect-ness of the week. Bad ass tifo, scoring with Garey and Lenhart, renewed optimism, a feeling of Crew invincibility has returned. I actually recently ripped a CD with this audio complete with the goals in the music and Build a Bonfire (let me know if you want one, I could easily rip another). It's going to help get me pumped during 3 hour trips to C-Bus in 2010:

So, what is your take on the best moment? Did you prefer the Saprissa win instead or another moment?

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  1. I would agree with that. Close second would watching the historic win at Saprissa on pirated tv at the pub.