Monday, November 16, 2009

11/16/09: Detriot To Get Major League Soccer Team? Toronto Based Company Involved

With a stadium capacity of 80,311. It would be great for MLS!

According to the Detriot Free Press, The city of Pontiac has accepted an auction bid of $583,000 from a Toronto-based real estate company to buy the Pontiac Silverdome and its 127 adjacent acres.

Dan Duggan, owner of the Michigan Bucks (the Crew's affilate), stated “Somebody called me from the Marriott this afternoon when it all went down and said, ‘Are you buying the Silverdome?’ ” Duggan said Monday. “I said, ‘No, not this week.’ He said, ‘There’s a Canadian company that said they’re putting a pro soccer team in Detroit.’

My thoughts: Toronto based and a new franchise in Detriot. Let's just hope that Duane Rollins doesn't have $583,000 dollars.... Because, you know they'll be trying to buy the Columbus Crew and will try to change them to the Detriot Crew faster then you can say Noorzai. I mean TFC needs a safe place to travel for road trips. I'm sure Detriot fans (other than Bradd) will woo them and tell them how special they are.


  1. Did you misspell Detroit on purpose? If so, it's somewhat clever.