Saturday, November 14, 2009

11/14/09: A F%*&ing Solid From Fake Sigi

Crew haters can burn in hell..

If you haven't read this from the Fake Sigi Blog, finally someone else with some educated discussion on all the idiots that harken to move the Crew. Look, despite being the smallest market, the Crew attendance average was 14,400 which beat 6 other larger markets this season. Also, in a bad economic climate the Crew had the lowest ammount of decrease this season compared to every other team except Chivas USA and Toronto from 2008 to 2009 (maybe that alone was because of the 2008 season and was the 2,000 boost that every other team missed from not having a good side, but hell no one thought of that). As without winning the trophy in 2008, maybe the Crew's attendance is 12,000. Maybe stability was the increase. Also, both New England's 7,000 and RSL's 9,000 playoff attendances on Saturday's were less than the Crew's Thursday night attendance. SO WHY THE HELL ARE WE ALWAYS DISCUSSED WHEN THERE ARE OTHER TEAMS WITH BIGGER ISSUES, MUCH SHITTIER SUPPORTERS GROUPS, AND WORSE ATTENDANCES THAN OUR SMALLER MARKET.

Here was my similiar take on this from earlier this week.

Overall, the haters are not worth much of our time. Plain and simple Duane Rollins is an idiot (I mean just look at these guys, you can make that assessment without reading, lol). So, is Jason Davis at Match Fit USA. And, of course, they have links on their blogs for each others pages, and Match Fit USA has advertisement for CSRN and Kartik "All Crew fans are the devil incarnate" Krishnayer. So, it's like a little, evil media blog network set to try to destroy the Crew and their fans. However, anyone with a head(like Fake Sigi) can see that they have no argument, they have no facts, they just don't like us. Let's learn not to care.

I mean, really, does it make sense why they would focus on us when there were worse attendances in New England and Salt Lake in the playoffs and six worse attendances across the league this year? The only thing it can be is that we are a threat. We have a supporters group that is on a meteor-like rise and will be the unabashed best either next year or soon after. And, three to five years from now.. I can bet that what the Nordecke is bringing will bring the people eventually to make Crew Stadium a sell out for every home game. I have no doubt. But, regaining what inept management in 2002-2005 did to our franchise doesn't happen in a few years.

Whatever, they can all burn in hell, this cannot fail...


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