Wednesday, November 11, 2009

11/11/09: Veterans Day & A Random Sampling Of Crew

**First and foremost, it's Veterans Day and I would like to thank both our veterans and current soldiers. I would also like to thank Marissa Miller for looking so amazing in 1940's soldiers regalia on a bike.

Do something today to give thanks to our soldiers.

"War Song" from Columbus band OAR:

Now on to some Crew related and somewhat related news..

**Kids are giving back at Liberty Elementary School in Columbus, OH through a donation called 'Frankie's locker'. Kids are encouraged to fill the locker with either school supplies or food items.

From former Crew player and Hejduk's 1996 Olympic teammate, who is now a physical education teacher at the school, Rob Smith(pictured above):
"Frankie's locker has been full several times, with school supplies in the first month and now nonperishable food items, in just a month," Smith said. "Frankie is a recognizable athlete and has an infectious personality."

My thoughts: Stuff like this is great to reach out to the community. The Crew should look to do something like this with every player's locker in different schools. Great way of having a constant reminder of the Crew for kids around Columbus so they can be like to their parents "hey lets go to a Crew game." Also, great to give back to those in need around Columbus.

**Apparently the new United Football League could use more sick logos like the Columbus Crew, according to ESPN writer Dj Gallo. Although, Mr. Gallo would never watch soccer.

We do have one of the coolest, unique soccer badges in the world. Most Crew fans love it, despite some newbie idiots that have tried to introduce a new badge last year, and most of MLS has warmed up to it's uniqueness as well. I mean it's pretty sharp when fan groups around the world are using it. FC Utrecht fans(0:49-1:53) use the badge, so have Dynamo Zagreb fans:

**Also, if you did not hear Bruce Arena won Coach of The Year. Chad Marshall won defender of the year. And, I won MLS fan blog of the year.

Haha, sike.


  1. I'm from the UK and i like the idea of Frankies locker, it's a great way to give back. We often fill shoeboxes with charitable gifts to send out to the community. I suppose the idea of Frankies locker let everyone collect donations as a group. Great Work!

  2. Yeah Andy C. I thought it was a pretty cool idea. What club do you do that at?

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