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11/2/09: Some Crew Fans Have No Faith

With everything on the line, champions previal in Columbus (Pic by: Sam Fahmi, Chicago Eastern Conference Semifinal).

The freak out fest by fans over on Shawn Mitchell's blog and just about everyone on Bigsoccer is a tad bit embarrassing. Where is the faith? Even when we were 0-2-5 at the beginning of the year, I still heard more people saying we would pull through. Here are some reasons for Crew fans not to freak out.

1.) We are the champions. It's mostly the same team, they have that champion mentality, and champions with everything on the line will pull through and not lose at home.

2.) We are only down 1-0. 1-0 wasn't enough for RSL at RSL, RSL needed 2 goals at least. I also believed the Crew played the better 90 and had more opportunities before RSL found the net.

3.) We are at home with 90 minutes to go.

4.) We have come back from a 1-0 deficit, with 45 minutes left against Chicago in the Eastern Conference. We have to do the same with 90 minutes.

5.) We beat Real Salt Lake 3-1 at home earlier this year.

6.) Comments like this are ridicoulous:
I have a feeling Thursday's game will be the last in a Crew uniform for many.
GBS may play one more. A testimonial. The writing is on the wall.

Just because Guillermo sits out one game, that he is perfectly healthy for, does not mean that this could be his last game. Look, Moreno and Guillermo haven't been scoring for a while; Warzycha just was trying something else to jump start a tepid offense on the road. Should Guillermo never sit out just because he is Guillermo?

The Lenhart/Renteria combo was something that everyone was clamoring for, for weeks, so how can we all complain when Warzycha gives us what we want?

Sure I think Guillermo should have played behind the both of them, but if Lenhart would have finished his golden opportunity in the 10th minute there would be no whining. Also, if we went with three backs it could have been 2-0 or 3-0. The important thing is to give ourselves a great chance at home and we still have that.

How about we actually get eliminated from the playoffs before proclaiming that the writing is on the wall.

7.) Also sitting out a game isn't going to ruin Guillermo's or Moreno's psyche. For christsakes, these guys are seasoned professionals, you really think they get all bent out of shape by sitting out one game?

Both know they are going in next Thursday. Both have heard Warzycha talk about having "a team of 23 and no reserves." It just was their turn to sit out as Lenhart/Renteria may have been the better option considering the stituation in RSL.

Hell, who knows, maybe it will light a fire under both of their asses.

8.) The guys will pull together and win at all costs at home. There is no way I can see Frankie Hejduk and company with their heads down after 90 minutes at home against REAL SALT LAKE! I will be utterly shocked if we can't find the net at home against RSL.

Frankie on the loss:
This doesn't change things too much," said Crew captain Frankie Hejduk, who was late to contest a cross by Yura Movsisyan that was the game-winning assist.

"We weren't going to be playing for a tie at home anyway. When we play at Crew Stadium we play to win. Now we have to win. That's the playoffs. That's how it works."

8.) One half is over. No reason to freak out until the next half is played.

9.) We would have been in the same position last year, if it wasn't for Lenhart's last second heroics in KC.

10.) The sky is not falling. It wasn't at the beginning of the year with 7 games without a win and it isn't now. The Crew will pull through.

11.) We will be able to find the net with everything on the line.

12.) The Nordecke will be electric. The last time we had a game with everything on the line and our backs to the wall was Chicago Eastern Conference Semifinal. That was, hands down, the best atmosphere ever at a Crew game.

Through the last couple of months we have probably at times half-assed our chanting and other things, just like the team. But, now I expect the Nordecke to be full throttle Thursday, if you don't lose your voice on Thursday night, you're not doing your job.

We are behind our boys. Keep the faith and go Crew!

More of this to come:

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  1. Agreed. People need to chill. I actually think that Warzycha has been smart about the series so far. He played the best lineup he could for going to RSL. RSL is pretty damn good at home, to get out with a 0-0 tie would have been a win. Unfortunately, Frankie and Brunner fell asleep for 3 seconds. Stop blaming Warzycha or the forwards, everything went to plan with the exception of the pretty weakly defended goal.

    Just think, now we have a rested, ready to go Schelotto. We've got to remember, he LIVES for this kind of game.

    My Lineup for Thursday: