Sunday, November 1, 2009

11/1/09: Anyone Worried? I'm Not

**This was sent to me by Jeromi before the RSL game. About five Crew fans that I know represented Columbus in RSL:

**Everyone is talking about the end of the Crew's domination after tonight's 1-0 loss. I had a bunch of people talking crap on MLSnet facebook watching the game. But, I'm not worried. When you have the Nordecke bouncing and guys focused like Frankie Hejduk and etc. there is no way in hell that the Crew does not come out on top at home.

**Speaking of talking crap Keepin It' Real is dissing on Crewture in a friendly jab.

Here's an email sent to me from the editor:

I love your site. To me it's the gold standard of MLS team blogs. Keep up the great work.

FYI. I posted a friendly rebuttal on KIR. It was meant to be somewhat tongue-in-cheek, but that doesn't really come across in writing very well.

Should be a good series. I expect an RSL win in game 1, and a Columbus win in game 2. Goal differential is a toss up to me. Maybe it will come down to PK's?

Also, as I recall we both share a hatred of MLS Rumors.

Take care,

Randy Davis

Well Randy was right a win in RSL. Really the Crew would have been in the same boat in 2008 if it wasn't for a late equalizer by Lenhart in Kansas City. The Crew scored early in the home and away against Kansas City. I would expect the same at home. A determined and desperate Crew at home is not going to be fun for any opponent.

**Warzycha might have overmanaged this game without playing Guillermo Barros Schelotto. I think you'll see the normal lineup next Thursday.

**Call me crazy but I don't find a 1-0 loss in Real Salt Lake a bad result. The Crew will get the equalizer early and then push, push, push. I don't think RSL has a chance in Columbus.

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  1. I'd feel better about the loss if it were 2-1. We haven't score a legitimate goal in a while (I'm not counting Padula's). Someone needs to step it up, ROGERS!!