Wednesday, October 7, 2009

10/8/09: DC United Changing Their Name.

To Bare Bottoms United:

With the likely move to Baltimore, DC United will now be bought by Charmin and be called Bare Bottoms United..

What the hell is up with this picture? Just when soccer starts to build a rep as a non-sissy sport, we can always count on our rivals to change that:

Great timing though figuring we will be in DC October 17th, I'm sure we can think of some way to take advantage of this artwork with our own little adaptation. :-)

It's like our rivals, especially Toronto and now DC, do ridicously embarrassing stuff and throw it into our laps so we don't even have to think too hard for something good to mock.

Now that I have posted nearly balls out DC United on my website. Extreme measures need to be taken and there is only one thing that can save this website:

Woo, that was close.. Anyways,

The full story behind DC's picture for the ESPN Magazine body issue is here at the DC Sports Bog. If you care to throw up more.

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  1. wtf?!?!?

    thats all i can say...........