Wednesday, October 7, 2009

10/7/09: What Really Troubles Me About The Whole "Broke The Floor" Incident

Apparently, Tyrone Marshall messed with the penalty kick area before Guillermo shot his penalty this Saturday and that may of (or to some had to) been the reason why Guillermo missed. The evidence is here from Steve Sirk on the Crew's blog, complete with CSI-esque pictures. But, even though that is unsportsmanlike. What bothers me most is the need for us all to make some sort of excuse for why Guillermo missed. The whole excuse thing is so Toronto.

Could the miss simply mean that Guillermo is human(not cyborg) and that he misses on occasion? I mean a divet might slow down a ball, but usually does not change it's direction. Guillermo missed the goal frame by a country mile (and his previous take against Chicago was right at Jon Busch but had enough power to make it past him, maybe Guillermo is just thinking about PK's more?) Also, maybe we lost the game because we can't finish a chance in the run of play? Maybe the missed PK was bad karma since we have been relying heavily on PK's and lots of diving as of late?

Look, lets just stop with the excuses and find a way to score again on a set piece without Chad Marshall. Lets find a way to actually penatrate the defense and get to the eighteen instead of sitting there dumbfounded once we get there. Lets score a goal some other way than with a PK. And, lets stop with the diving.

Gaven's call that awarded the PK was legitimate, the first fully 100% percent legitimate one in recent months(except the one against Saprissa). But, you also know what was legitimate even though all Crew fans were boo-hooing? Moreno's yellow card call. Yet another ball Moreno could have gotten to, but instead Moreno keels over once again relying on his diving instead of his striking capabilities. Moreno didn't used to do it as much, but referees are catching on. Also, Moreno could have had two goals in the last two games if he would just continue with the play instead of falling over. I want the Moreno back from the first Chicago game, who doesn't give up on a play, not the Moreno who puts each opportunity in the hands of a referee.

The same could be said about Rogers(who looked lost in space on Saturday) and Schelotto.

The fact remains the same as I said the last week. The Crew do not believe in their capabilities to score in the run of play, especially outside of six yards. There set piece goals have dried up since Chad Marshall has been injured. So, the new tactic is lets try to get a PK and rely on our defense to hold on for us.

That tactic can only work for so long. After a while, a team has to actually finish their chances. Additionally, I believe Renteria and Ekpo deserve more time, I think the two have been the only bright spots (along with Gaven and Lenhart) in the offense as of late. Around the 35th minute I'm itching for the introduction of both. And, at least they don't fall over at every opportunity. Probably why they are on the bench. :-)

Also, Guillermo just plain missed. Tiger Woods deals with divets all the time and still finds the hole. The only excuse I'm buying is if Marshall planted a tree, parked his car, or erected a Greek statute in front of the penalty area.

Further, Warzycha is just pissed because Tyrone Marshall found the kryptonite to Warzycha's plans to rule MLS and CONCACAF through penalty kicks.

Anyways, until we finish our run of play chances, we deserve that sort of result. Hopefully, Chad Marshall is back soon and we can rely on our set pieces again, because this whole diving thing is getting old. Fast.


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