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10/5/09: Crewture Interviewed in Norwegian Magazine Josimar On Crew, MLS Fans

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Here's a tidbit on an interview I did with a guy from a top Norweigan soccer magazine called Josimar on soccer culture in America. Also, interviewed were a guy from the Chicago Fire as well as a guy from the New York Red Bulls. Basically, their main interest was in the ammount of travel as well as the confluence of different cultures at games. Here's the main part on the Crew right in the beginning:

On the north tribune of a football stadium covered in
black and yellow flags and banners fans chant
the famous Latin-American football cry
"Dale, dale, dale, dale Crew, Dale, dale, dale,
dale Crew, Dale, daleeeee, Dale Crew."
The English-language fans respond in unison with the
chant "Columbus till I
die, Columbus till I die, I know I am, I swear I am,
Columbus till I die." The sensational part about
this is not that both supporter groups, despite
that they sing in different languages, come from the
same country, but that both cheer for the same
team. Columbus Crew from Columbus, Ohio. Welcome
to the American football everyday anno
2009. Ryan Kozlowski, an ardent supporter, tells
that the Spanish-speaking fans call themselves La Turbina
Amarilla, while the English language has taken the name
Hudson Street Hooligans and Columbus Supporters Union. The former
group was founded by immigrants from El Salvador, while
Hudson Street guys, despite the British-inspired
name, to a large extent have Polish and German backgrounds
(lol? I'm pretty sure that was a misquote).
Ryan also says that they are about three thousand nuclear supporters
collected in Nordecke (German for North Corner)
of The Columbus Crew Stadium who in addition join their chant and banner battle.
The Nordecke has been inspired by supporters from other countries.
"We have imported aspects of
English, Latin-American and Italian ultra-culture
and mixed it all together with a bit of Americana
added for taste. " The result is a lot of noise, color
and smoke.

I sent them a ton of pictures of our section, all the good ones. Not sure why they used some less impressive Fire and Red Bull ones(not sure why Red Bull fans were even included), or a picture of my face and a few of the La Turbina guys. But, hey still pretty cool.
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10/5/09: Crewture Interviewed in Norwegian Magazine Josimar On Crew, MLS Fans


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