Tuesday, October 20, 2009

10/21/09: Crew vs. Puerto Rico Highlights, Post Game Thoughts

Emilio comes through again in an international tournament, this time North of the equator. Beautiful strike sends the Crew to the next round (pic by Yahoo Sports).


Thoughts on the game:
1. Renteria's goal was sick with it. I thought it was just a rebound with an open net 25 yards out. But, he hit it on the volley, in the air. Sick shot considering most of our shots. I'm guessing he went up a notch or two in Warzycha's book. Or at least Renteria is fully out of the dog house from Saturday. Big, big first goal with quite a bit on the line.

2. Nice crowd in Puerto Rico, looked like 100 people there. I guess no one wanted to be bothered after Puerto Rico's crummy performance in the USL playoffs. Also, some of Puerto Rico's players will most likely be headed to the MLS next year, with Philly needing 24 warm bodies.

3. What was Hesmer doing on the Puerto Rico goal? And, even more interesting, what was the striker in front of net doing claiming the goal? Because he just flopped on his behind and completely missed. Nice.

Maybe he gets an assist for distracting Hesmer?

4. Why does Puerto Rico use the flags of Finland as corner flags?

5. Anyone know if yellows carry over to the quarterfinals? Because Guillermo has picked up two so far in the tournament.

A couple more interesting pictures from Yahoo Sports:


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