Friday, October 2, 2009

10/2/09: Crew Fans Should Give Sigi A Standing Ovation Tomorrow Before The Game.

Despite the exit, Sigi is a hero to the Crew organization (Pic by: Sam Fahmi).

I know I have been through all the emotions as well over Sigi Schmid this previous offseason.

I have glorified him for his amazing coaching ability by finally getting us to the summit of MLS and I have degraded him for leaving so soon after. I have blamed the Crew for not giving Sigi a big chunk of cash when success looked imminent by later Summer of 2008 and I have blamed Sigi for having one foot out the door near the same time.

When you get down to brass tax. The Crew and General Manager Mark McCullers matched the Sounders offer, they might have done it way late, but that happened. Sigi decided that he accomplished all he could at Columbus(which was quite a lot figuring on what he inherited from Gordon Fisherman double Greg Andrulis), he wanted a new challenge in a city where the general fans are just as interested in soccer as the diehards, and he wanted to be a bit closer to his family. All of which are logical reasons to move on to anyone but a diehard soccer fan.

Further, Sigi could've moved on as an attempt to build his resume for the U.S. National team spot(Sigi has to be the favorite if Bob Bradley screws the proverbial pooch in 2010), as Sigi turned the bumbling Crew into a champion and followed that up with winning an Open Cup and possibly making the playoffs with a team in their inaugural MLS season, which is quite impressive. Sigi is like the Midas of MLS, he can turn anything even the Crew into a pile of gold. Additionally, Sigi may have been doing us a favor on that end as well, in another year or two Sigi would have been out the door anyways, so good on him to hand over his work to a competent Crew patron saint such as Robert instead of some half crappy other coach, think Kyle Martino trying his hand at coaching.

When you get down to it Sigi has done a lot for Columbus. His roster overhauls, along with getting that good character and consistent base on this team, turned this franchise from a laughing stock to a team that even Houston is now modeling themselves after. Sigi put together a team last year that actually defends their home field (Cruz Azul was the first time in over a year I have watched the Crew lose at home, actually home or away I don't think I have ever seen a Crew loss in person since June 2008 until Cruz Azul) that's just nearly bonkers. I remember 2005-2007 when a win at home was a god given miracle. This transition, is all thanks to what Sigi started.

So, despite having some jaded feelings about Sigi leaving, his supposed tampering, and contemplating booing him with other fans at the beginning of the season (but cheering Brad Evans because he didn't have a choice). I have to say that he deserves a standing ovation tomorrow. Actually, I hope he does a lap around the section. Lap is probably the wrong word but you know what I mean, leisurely stroll. Because when you get down to it, HIS CHANGES TO THIS ROSTER WON US A MLS CHAMPIONSHIP AND A SUPPORTERS SHIELD, nearly doubling our trophy case from the previous 14 years. He took us from a laughing stock to a major player on the CONCACAF level. He did a service to this team, decided to move on at what turned out to be the right time, and Robert has taken over and refined his previous moves and has made the team his own.

So really bravo, standing ovation, who would have thought the Sigi stituation would have ended up roses for everyone after the offseason tampering storm, but all turned out pretty well in the end. On the other hand, if we boo him(and I'm sure their will be some twatwaffles tomorrow who do so thinking their sooo cool) we our classless and spit in the face of what he has done for this organization.

I guess the decision is on each one of you what sort of fans you are. But, I'm letting bygones be bygones, I'll be clapping, hooting and hollering. The guy is responsible for something that seemed impossible before the 2008 season. Sigi transforming this team along with the Nordecke put some wind in the sails of an organization adrif out at sea before 2008. Period. He had a role in changing everything for us, and deserves recognition for it.

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  1. Good article. I'm glad you put this up because I was afraid that some ignorant fans would boo him for leaving. He is totally deserving of an ovation because if it were not for him, there is no MLS cup 2008, no supporters shield, and no Guille. The man is a legend in my book.