Friday, October 2, 2009

10/2/09: Tifo In The Works By Crew Fans, All Crew Fans In Or Outside Section Bring Your Bar Scarf Tomorrow

Crew fans in the Nordecke need to bring their bar scarf tomorrow, fans outside the Nordecke are encouraged to bring it as well, it would be a massive demonstration to have all fans involved. Apparently the timing for the display will be around the *10th minute* as everyone inside and outside the section will have a chance to get to their seats by then. Or the first goal if it's before the 10th minute. Here's the information and for further discussion go here:

Crew fans in the Nordecke have a massive display for tomorrow's game. We ask that everyone get the word out to bring and wear your Bar Scarf to the game and get the word out about it to anyone else you know has one. Rather then giving it away I will just say we want to remind Sigi what he left.

If you lost your bar scarf or never got one, Kevin will have ones available at the tailgate tomorrow and I will have some at Ruby Tuesdays for HSH's.

Help make this display the most Massive of the year!

I'm back in Pennsylvania and have no clue what the display will be like or what is on it. But, sounds pretty massive good work by those who did it. I'll be bringing a couple two sticks the size of the Elmer Fudd one just to put up at different intervals of the game.


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