Friday, October 2, 2009

10/2/09: Profanity In The Nordecke Just Needs To Stop

Apparently a second jar needs purchasing (Pic by Sam Fahmi).

We in the Nordecke had our fun being naughty with some chants over the last two years. I personally thought along with others, that the Crew fans in the Nordecke brought the cussing down considerably but apparently the front office is still having trouble with regular fans over cussing. It's gotten to the point where even sponsors(we have sponsors?) are worried about being associated with "You Suck Asshole", (I know, I know roll eyes). And, we could debate over whether these chants occurred as much as stated, especially at the Los Angeles Galaxy game where no one seemed to hear "GTFO". Additionally, the Nordecke probably just chanted it at the Cruz Azul game because they were the only Crew fans their, everyone else was rooting for Cruz Azul. So, they probably thought what the heck.

But, not everyone in the stadium sees it through our point of view, and we need to start having respect for others in the stadium. There are plenty of solid chants without swear words, like "Columbus Is The Greatest" and "We Love You", we just need to take this in stride and create more chants like that.

Also, if you want to swear in an organized fashion, I say we just leave it to the away trips, :-). That's what I do, just let loose with the cussing in Chicago. And, DC United away is upcoming, we can be so foul mouthed there that none of their fans will want to come back, that's more progressive than losing our fans.

Here's McCullers message on the Black and Gold Standard:
Nordecke Supporters:

I have received several emails regarding the increased security presence in the Nordecke for the Saprissa match. We have respectfully requested that the chants including profanity, most importantly GTFO, cease. Unfortunately that chant has continued, specifically during the Cruz Azul match and then several times during the LA match. During our highest attended game of the year, with the opportunity to impress people that might attend more Crew games at Crew stadium, we instead left a negative impression with unnecessary chanting of unacceptable profanity.We have received numerous complaints from fans, and now have indications from sponsors that they are reconsidering their financial support because they cannot be associated with an environment that includes this behavior. My pride in the Nordecke and what it brings to the club is deep and well documented. But this behavior, again, compromises our repuation and cannot be tolerated. We must identify and deal with those who insist on perpetuating this behavior, which explains the increased security measures.

I apologize to those who respect our policies and standards. I hope that those who disrespect the club and others in the stadium begin to understand our position and refrain from unnecessary and detrimental behavior. Until then, we must take action to protect our reputation and collective interests.

This is an exciting time for our team and organization. I regret that this blemish has once again manifested itself and hope that it is quickly resolved.

Sincerest regards,

This isn't a battle we are going to win, and really it isn't worth winning or fighting. The swear jar tifo above along with alternative and more creative chants like "Columbus Is The Greatest" is the solution. This in no way impedes our ability to be massive. It just makes us attempt to be more creative, which in my opinion isn't a bad thing.

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  1. Where can I find the words to the songs? I love the Columbus is the greatest song, but I can't find the words to it!