Friday, October 16, 2009

10/16/09: Supporters Shield Party In The Capital


More Supporters Shield Memories For The Crew vs. D.C. United; More Missing Out On The Playoffs For D.C. United Against The Crew

A win tomorrow in the nation's capital will secure the Crew's second straight Supporters Shield. A win tomorrow will also mean that the Crew has eliminated rival D.C. United from playoff contention for two consecutive years straight. United hasn't really helped themselves along the way, starting out well and floundering once again as the season progressed, but the Crew have the chance to put the nail in the coffin again this time on United's home turf.

According to Craig Stouffer at the Washington Examiner, D.C. United(8-8-12) will need a win tomorrow and a string of favorable results to eek into the playoffs. The Crew on the other hand look to party with 130-150 Crew fans who will be in the upper deck hoping to celebrate a second straight Supporters Shield with their club, as the Nordecke comes to Washington.

The Crew's Healthier and Deeper Squad Will Likely Lead To A Second Supporters Shield Saturday

D.C. United was being lauded as the deepest team during the midpoint of the season. Hasn't really worked out that way though and their depth will be tested once again as the list of unavailable players for this game for D.C. UNITED includes Santino Quaranta (ruptured plantar plate); DF Bryan Namoff (concussion); GK Josh Wicks (dislocated shoulder/MCL sprain); DF Greg Janicki (back spasms); MF Brandon Barklage (anterior cruciate ligament surgery); FW Ange N'Silu (hamstring strain). While the Crew will only have Chad Marshall and backup keeper Andy Greunebaum unavailable for the 8 p.m. kickoff on Saturday.

But, with six starters out last week the Crew beat New England 1-0 away and dominated the contest. So, no matter what lineup Warzycha goes with the Crew have a good chance. Scary how deep the Crew is.. If the Crew could score a little more in the run of play, soon there only competition may be in CONCACAF, as winning in MLS is starting to become scary easy(at least the Crew make it look that way).

What Sort Of Lineup Will Warzycha Trot Out?
Great question as the Crew really need at least a tie in Puerto Rico on Tuesday to advance to the knock out stages, so I wouldn't be surprised if they saved some of their big guns for the Islanders. But, on the other hand the half starters and half, part-time starter lineup worked well in Saprissa and against New England. So, maybe Warzycha will go win the Supporters Shield with the main 11 that got us here most of the season. And, then work a similiar lineup that produced a high quality road result against Saprissa.

Hey, if it worked against Saprissa. Has to work against the Islanders right? Either way, I don't think Warzycha will be wrong.

Tom Soehn's Job May Be On The Line
The Crew could also be the reason why DC United Head Coach Tommy Soehn gets the boot finally, as the head honcho has started two straight seasons with promise, just to run out of breath the second half of the season's race.

A loss should spell the end of that saga.

Prediction: 3-0 Crew. DC United missing too many pieces and not a good enough side. Crew will finish them off in front of their home fans.

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  1. Not so fast! We also need a Chivas USA non win in addition to a Massive victory. Go San Jose!!