Wednesday, October 14, 2009

10/14/09: Best Wishes To Charlie Davies

Quite possibly the first guy that has the ability to become a US star in Europe, injured severely last night in a dangerous car crash. Will he be back in time for the 2010 World Cup? And will he be the same?

I have been focused on my studies most of today, but I checked out the second half of the USA game against Costa Rica tonight and was wondering most of the game what the announcers were alluding to with Charlie Davies?

I figured that he received an injury in practice or something. Not a nearly fatal car wreck the night before. But, near the end I found out that happened.

It's a shame because Charlie Davies is one of those guys who can make or break a successful World Cup for the USA. Further, the guy personally is one of my favorite players, as he brings a lot of excitement to the U.S. squad. Davies has that electric speed and ability that isn't present without him up top.

It's a huge loss for the US if he cannot make it back in time for next year. Who can replace him up top?

Also, will Charlie Davies ever be the same when he comes back? Davies was on a meteor-like rise of form the last six months, peaked by an eye opening performance in South Africa. Will he ever regain that form? And, how will his new team Sochaux(of League 1 France) react to the accident and the possibility that their new charge will not be with them for possibly the next year?

One more less important thing, this has to raise the question of what exactly are some of the US players doing before some big time games (see below picture)? After a big time win, no problem. But, Davies crash happened at 3:15 a.m. last night, and he was supposed to play the next day in a World Cup qualifier at 7:30. Now the US already qualified, but it's a Tuesday. Sort of Miguel Cabrera-esque on a micro level as at least it wasn't 5 or 6 a.m. and a wife battering.

USA's soccer young boys(the future) out on the town.

But, still kind of an eye opener, as the Petke and Conway steriods thing was. However, you can't really blame Davies or anyone. Just glad he is okay and I get it. Young successful guys sometimes have times where they make a bad judgment call. I have had my times where I have gotten myself in a similiar, although not as hairy stituation. It happens with youth. But, shouldn't there be a curfew the night before a game (are they not all in the same hotel)? Just a shame and a bummer for US hopes.

In the end, hopefully Davies bounces back. I pray for him to be back with some training time before the World Cup. Also, prayers go out to the fatality in the car. Hopefully this won't happen again, a whake up call.

**Here's a tribute to Davies in the 9th minute of tonight's game, The USA came back to receive a 2-2 tie against Costa Rica with a last second Johnathon Bornstein goal.


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