Tuesday, September 8, 2009

9/9/09: Nordecke Already Into Kei Kamara's Limitless Dome

The king of underachieving forwards: If you look at the background apparently even little kids are not amazed with Kei Kamara.

If you haven't heard Kei Kamara is apparently big on Kei Kamara. I mean how can't you be when you're bagging 14 goals in 80 plus appearances in MLS as a striker.

Kamara had a message for MLS at the beginning of the season, stating that this year was his year to shine. Apparently his shine turned out to be a dim one with 5 goals in 22 games and the Dynamo signing Landin as their new second striker:

Now Kei Kamara has a message for Crew fans on facebook for Sunday's game:
Kei Kamara hey Columbus am coming and plz i dont wanna hear that Reject song...lol i wanna hear the Kamara song and u no what it is...haha....looking forward to the game on sunday at Crew stadium some show me some love and enjoy the show.

This is more like it:
lol i wanna see the same old Kamara and u no what it is...haha....looking forward 2 u wasting several good chances sunday at Crew stadium and getting laughed at by the Nordecke. Enjoy the show

Columbus rejection hurts.


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