Wednesday, September 9, 2009

9/9/09: Massive Radio Interview With Francisco Terreros

Director of Hispanic Development & Founder of Hanging Cleats, Francisco Terreros, greets Crew fans in the Nordecke after the FC Dallas game (Picture by Sam Fahmi).

For the last couple of weeks, I have been attempting to setup an interview with the Crew's new Director of Hispanic Development Francisco Terreros. I was interested in an interview with Francisco because of his interesting background and because of his interesting foundation, Hanging Cleats. Also, from his walks over to the Nordecke after the game, smiling ear to ear, I figured he would be a pretty affable guy. Francisco turned out to be just that. Francisco hails from Colombia a country that has serious issues with poverty and drug cartels and he wants to give back to children that hail from similiar backgrounds. Francisco's non-profit organization, Hanging Cleats, attempts to introduce the game to youth with troubled backgrounds in places like Jamaica, Puerto Rico, Costa Rica, and etc. Through their merchandise and through donations, Hanging Cleats, buys soccer balls, jersies, cleats and helps to build fields for youth around the world. In our interview, Francisco discusses his non-profit organization Hanging Cleats, soccer in Colombia compared to soccer in America, his thoughts on Columbus's soccer culture, his thoughts on the Nordecke, and Francisco even has a prediction for the USA vs. T&T game.

I was also interested in Francisco's job with the Crew, especially how he hopes to influence hispanic development around the Crew organization and in the stands. But, myself and Mr. Terreros will leave that discussion for another day to avoid a conflict of interest.

Francisco nevertheless had to say some great things about the city of Columbus and the fans. Francisco believes that Columbus has a very European feel, that the Nordecke does an excellent job of bringing an atmosphere similiar to what he is used to in Colombia, and Francisco feels that the Nordecke should help team up with Hanging Cleats and other organizations to help disadvantaged kids through soccer.

"I love the Columbus soccer culture... Now that's not to mention the Nordecke. I'm not going to lie the Nordecke has made a huge difference and a huge impact. Not only on myself but on my young family, my wife and my son. Because it creates that atmosphere that we always have been used to in Colombia. And, looking at the Nordecke I'm so proud to say I work with the Columbus Crew where the Nordecke is born."

"I have never met a member of the Nordecke who is a tool. Everyone that I have met has been down to earth, humble, cool people."

Interesting facts:
*Frankie Hejduk has company now at the Crew's Bob Marley fan club. One of Francisco's favorite singers is Bob Marley and when I asked Francisco for a song for the intro to this podcast, he requested Bob Marley's "Concrete Jungle."

*When Francisco isn't rooting for the Crew, he is a big time fan of Columbia-based Athletico Nacional. Francisco says he "lives and die for Nacional."

*One of Francisco's first missions through his foundation was in Jamaica with Jamaican national team member and Real Salt Lake player Richie Williams.

*If you want to help out his organization, buy a shirt, it goes a long way to helping them help kids. The shirts can be found at The more former organizational website can be found at



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