Thursday, September 3, 2009

9/3/09: Patrick Vieira Headed To MLS?

According to Fox Soccer, Patrick Vieira is thinking about lacing up his boots in America after World Cup 2010:
"It's something I'm thinking about," Vieira said on RTL French radio late Monday when asked about the possibility to finish his career in the United States.

The former Arsenal player, who was a part of the France's World Cup winning squad in 1998, added that his thirst for high-level football had maybe been quenched over the years.

"What interests me could really be a life experience, and to go and discover football in the United States, if I was to continue playing," Vieira added.

My thoughts: I'm sure a life experience in New York or Los Angeles suits Vieira's tastes a little more than a life experience in Columbus. But, figuring Schelotto signs on for one more year, GBS will be wrapping up his Crew career just about at the same time as Vieira will be ready for a MLS team.

The Crew are already deep enough in defensive midfield for the foreseeable future though with Brian Carroll and Danny O'Rourke. Also, I doubt the Crew thankfully will ever sign anyone at DP who isn't either an attacking midfielder or striker.


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