Thursday, September 3, 2009

9/3/09: Crew News & Other Fodder

Dane Richards downed the Crew last week, writer Chris LaMacchia says a more inspired performance would have been enough for the Crew to overcome lowly NYRB (Stobe/Getty).

**A nice writeup regarding the Crew vs. NYRB game on the Bleacher Report by Chris LaMacchia, here's a snippet:
As for the Crew, it was one of the least-inspired games I've seen them play in the last two years. They were literally just going through the motions, merely looking forward to a night on the town in Manhattan.

It was obvious that not a lot of heads were in the game.

They could have put on a clinic and won by four goals, but they didn't.

They could have taken first place in the league (Houston lost earlier in the day), but they didn't.

There were about fifty things they could have done to leave New Jersey with three points and first place, but none of them happened, for whatever reason.

Yet, Head Coach Robert Warzycha is happy with the Crew's performance?

**I received an email from a Norweigan journalist for Norway soccer magazine Josimar the other day. Here's a snippet from it:

I am a Norwegian journalist who works for our country’s number-one soccer magazine, JOSIMAR.

I am currently in the US to research a feature on soccer in North-America. My area of particular interest is supporter culture. I think my readership would be interested in learning more about how fans of MLS teams support their teams and the role soccer plays in the life of US soccer fans. I would be very grateful to hear any thoughts and observations you might want to share with my readers in Europe.

I would be very grateful if you, on your own or in discussion with other fans of your club, could find the time to share your thoughts. If I quote any of your comments in my article I will obviously send you a copy once it’s published. Also, if you have any photos of your fan group in action this could be a unique opportunity to show off to a European readership! Pictures featuring displays of fireworks, banners and flags would stand the greatest chance of being published.

I answered a lot of his questions in detail on the Nordecke. I also sent him some of our best pictures from the last two years. So, if any of this information is used in his article. I'll scan a copy on here.

More money, more tampering problems for Roman Abramovich and Chelsea.

**From the, Chelsea has been banned from having any incoming transfers until 2011! Chelsea tampered with French youngsters Gael Kakuta's contract with Lens, inducing a breach and now will pay the price from FIFA.

“A restriction of four months on his eligibility to play in official matches has been imposed on Kakuta. Chelsea are banned from registering any new players, either nationally or internationally, for the two next entire and consecutive registration periods following the notification of the present decision.

“Furthermore, the club, Chelsea, have to pay Lens training compensation in the amount of €130,000.”

This will definitely hurt Chelsea's ability to stay in the top four in England, especially if some of their current stars leave. Will this make room for Tottenham to creep up into the top four? Surely, they are tied with Chelsea at the top so far and the signing of Niko Kranjcar from Portsmouth won't hurt.

**Sick tifo by DC United at the beginning, but Seattle plays inspired last night in the US Open Cup, picking up their first major trophy in their team's history:


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