Monday, September 28, 2009

9/29/09: The Good Stuff- Quoteables & Crew News

Lenhart a Bash Brother with Garey. A Luchadore brother with Renteria (Pic by Sameh Fahmi.)

**With DC's 2-1 loss to San Jose, The Crew clinched a birth to the playoffs(great when we can shrug at that) and are 3 points ahead of Houston for the Supporters Shield.

**The Crew's unbeaten streak in MLS is 24 games after beating Los Angeles. The Crew's overall home unbeaten streak is 1 after losing to Cruz Azul last Wednesday. The loss at home was an odd feeling for most Crew fans.

**The Crew may have conquered most of MLS and Costa Rica, but have some tactical work to do to figure a way past Mexican sides in the quarterfinals, assuming the best and that the Crew get there tomorrow.

**Is it just me or even with Renteria's Calvin Klein-esque pictures online, he seems a tad shy (maybe it's because he is still learning English). Good on Lenhart and the other guys to recognize him on his assist on Lenhart's goal and to bring him over to the section. Real teammates act that way, even though they may be sharing time with the new guy. Good on them.

**Crew have used New England as an example on how not to approach the Champions League, according to Merz:
"We played New England last year when they had a similar stretch. You can tell, when we beat them 4-0, they were gassed at the end of the game," O'Rourke said. "We have to sustain a level more than raise it. We knew after winning (the MLS Cup) last year we were going to be in the Champions League. We knew it was going to be tough game after tough game.

"We can always go out there and use it as an excuse but we have the locker room that doesn't do that."

**Warzycha communicating well with the players, according to Merz:
"Anytime the boss gives you a heads-up like that it makes you feel good. Knowing that the line of communication is there is a good thing," said midfielder Brian Carroll after sitting last week's Champions League loss to Cruz Azul. "He's made it clear we're trying to accomplish two goals -- win the league and advance to the next round. For that we need everybody. He's made that clear and done that. It's worked so far."

**Renteria on his parternship with Lenhart on Saturday, from Mitchell:
“We’re both Luchadores. We’re both fighters. We love to get the ball and play.”

And Lenhart on his goal celebration:
“I don’t have enough energy to breakdance or headspin. Whatever.”

**I should have mentioned Renteria and Burns as "guys who can step up at anytime," I may wake up tongue-less tomorrow, from Mitchell:
Don’t call players such as Emilio Renteria or Kevin Burns “reserves.”

Coach Robert Warzycha will have your tongue.

“We don’t have reserves,” he said. “We have 23 players right now that can step up anytime.”

**To wrap things up, a picture of a Saprissa female fan:

Wow. wow. wow. Sign me up for that next road trip to Estadio Saprissa.


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