Monday, September 28, 2009

9/29/09: Doesn't Referee Review Sound A Bit Pretentious?

Especially when we get the calls, :-)-

On Padula's foul on Blanco:
This video clip provides an example of a tackle that should result in a red card for serious foul play. A key to making the red card determination is the distance from which the tackle is initiated. Image 1 provides a still shot of the distance (four to five yards) from which the defender initiates the tackle. Distance leads to increased or excessive force and the inability for the defender to control his challenge. Come on it's Blanco.

Both Images 2 and 3 provide a clear view of the location of the ball relative to the challenger’s leading foot at the time of contact. It is clear that the ball is not within playing distance. Unless your Gino! Both the position of the ball and the attacker (at the time of the tackle) make a fair challenge, committed with speed, nearly impossible as there is no opportunity to play the ball without going through the opponent. Unless your Gino! Tacklers have the responsibility to time their tackles in a manner that gives them the opportunity to play the ball without injuring the opponent. Unless your Gino!

As you view the clip, watch the body language of the tackler as he “pursues” the opponent with the ball. It is aggressive and seemingly has a sole goal: send a message to the opponent. What, really? Pfft. Messages involving excessive force must result in a red card.
The clip shows the referee immediately pulling out his yellow card as he sprints to the scene. In critical decisions like this, it is best that the referee use the time to arrive at the foul, to consider his options and play the tackle back in his mind. Like the Dynamo PK. This extra time or pause gives the match official the opportunity to consider the criteria and to replay the action in his mind prior to committing to a decision.

Ok, okay. It was most likely a red card but at least the referee's are playing make up for all the bad decisions against the Crew for the first twenty-five weeks of the season. And, really when you dive a ton like Blanco, sometimes you just can't tell. You know?

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  1. Blanco deserves a few more good hits on him once in a while, regardless whether it deserves a card or not