Monday, September 28, 2009

9/29/09: Apparently Toronto Has A Rich History of Hooliganism

I ran across this when checking out some news about flares at the Chicago-Toronto game:

No that's not a scene from Cass(despite the Pennant's, zing), it's Toronto Blizzard fans disrupting a NASL trophy ceremony for the Chicago Sting at their stadium in 1984.

This picture and description of the events come from Toronto blog, A More Splendid Life:
"Like the Visigoths sacking Rome, Toronto’s barricade-breaking fans probably weren’t aware their violence would herald the end of an empire. Following their second game, best-of-three series 3-2 loss to the Chicago Sting on October 3rd, 1984, pitch-invading Toronto Blizzard fans caused so much disruption at Varsity Stadium that the trophy presentation was forced into the Sting's dressing room. Six months later, the North American Soccer League would collapse under the weight of its easy-come, easy-go expansion teams. America's great soccer experiment had finished in the same chaos from which it began."

Now finally we have a reason for how they act on opening day at Crew Stadium. Breaking things whether barricades, seats, or support rails are just in their blood. Oy, oy, oy.

Well, at least we won't see them in the playoffs at CCS, they can't tie their way there.


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