Monday, September 28, 2009

9/28/09: 55 Degree Weather Cold For Saprissa. Saprissa Still Confident Of Victory

It's supposed to be 55 degrees at kick off tomorrow at 8 p.m. and apparently Saprissa's Costa Rican media considers that winter:

Despite losing with starters at home against Columbus reserves 1-0 two weeks back. Apparently Saprissa Head Coach Jeaustin Campos is confident that victory will be theirs tomorrow and they will magically jump ahead of the Crew, even though the Crew don't lose at home too easily either. Saprissa lost on the weekend 3-0 against rival Alajuenlenese, apparently focusing just on this game.

Campos said:
"It will be a crucial game, I think is the most important of the last semester, we rely on the ability of the team that we have on Tuesday going to go with everything for the victory and we know that we are clear that the boys have already changed the disk and are themselves this game," said Jeaustin Campos.

The game against Columbus promises to be very complicated, but Saprissa has the ability to win and take second in the group to qualify for the next round, victory is essential to continue dreaming of the World Club Cup.

Keep dreaming the Crew are coming in with all starters for this one and should wrap up second place in the balmy weather on their home field. It's essential for the Crew to do so.


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