Friday, September 25, 2009

9/25/09: No Beckham Tomorrow, LA Still A Tough Obstacle

The Crew fans saw Beckham for the first and last time last Summer. No Becks tomorrow (Pic by: Sam Fahmi).
According to Craig Merz and multiple other sources, Beckham (the mega-millionaire, underwear model and part time LA Galaxy player) will miss tomorrow's game for the second time in his team's three visits to Columbus since Beckham joined MLS.

Not sure if Shawn Mitchell and other Crew reporters should have let the cat out of the bag because I'm sure some first time ticket buyers will sadly not show up now.

I also wonder if the Crew front office let the news out when selling only standing-room tickets today, which are all that remains for Saturday's match dubbed "Black out the Galaxy". As for tomorrow's game fans are encouraged to wear black. Alejandro Moreno joked, "we're wearing yellow (uniforms). I don't understand it."

Also, despite Beckham's great form last week against Toronto FC, LA Galaxy Coach Bruce Arena is not concerned:
"He's missed about 18-20 games for us this year so it's not the end of the world. This is all part of it. Teams miss players throughout the season whether it's injuries or suspensions or other reasons. We've learned to play a lot of games without him and we're going to learn to play another one without him."

So, who will be concerned? Teenage girls, single women hoping to run into Beckham at Spice Bar, and Beckham fanboys that really don't like soccer but like big names.

For the fans in the Nordecke. Beckham or no Beckham? No problem. There was nothing too special about him the last time he visited anyways.


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