Wednesday, September 16, 2009

9/16/09: CONCACAF Updates, Massive Radio Up

Chad Marshall will be a huge loss tonight in CONCACAF Group C action, and may miss most of September's important stretch with a left knee sprain.

**Chad Marshall is out of tonight's contest against Saprissa because of a left knee sprain suffered in practice on Tuesday, according to Mitchell. Depending on what type of sprain, Chad Marshall could be out between 3-8 weeks. Marshall being out of this game and being out down the stretch is a huge loss for the Crew.

** Further, the Crew also decided to leave Frankie Hejduk in Columbus, who apparently is eligible for Sunday's game against Chicago. There was a little confusion on Hejduk's eligibility against Chicago because of a yellow card accumulation this past Sunday, but apparently Referee Jorge Gonzalez did not give Hejduk a yellow even though Gonzalez flashed a yellow card in Hejduk's general direction.

Eligble for Sunday or not, I disagree with Warzycha's decision to leave Hejduk back for this game. Why does Hejduk need rest? Hejduk has only played in 11 MLS games all this season. Further, the Crew already have Padula, Brunner, and Marshall out. So, the Crew have a total of 3 actual defenders headed to Costa Rica in O'Rourke, Zayner, and Iro. So, what are the Crew going to play? 3 defenders at Saprissa!?

Some Crew fans have said, "well, Duncan Oughton played right back three years ago for New Zealand." But, still the Crew are setting themselves up to get thrashed in Costa Rica with a backline of Oughton---O'Rourke---Iro---Zayner.

The better tactical plan would have been to go with Hejduk----O'Rourke----Iro----Zayner in Saprissa. And, since Brunner and Padula will be back for Chicago, play a very competent Zayner----O'Rourke----Brunner----Padula in Chicago. Those two defensive lines at least give you a chance at both places. Playing Iro as well as Oughton and Zayner out of position gives us zero chance in Costa Rica.

**Others not making the trip tonight are surprise, surprise Emilio Renteria. As well as backup goalkeeper Andy Gruenebaum who apparently hurt his hip.

Our Ramshackle Probable Lineup For Tonight:

Basically similiar to an Open Cup type lineup which wasn't strong enough to get past Rochester. But, hey, I guess it's good enough to challenge Saprissa away.

**There is a stream of the game on time here at I'll also post this stream on this website.

**Article from Shawn Mitchell on Saprissa's atmosphere and field turf.

**MASSIVE RADIO FOR 9/16/09: In this Massive Radio edition I talk about tonight's matchup against Saprissa, as well as the 2-1 win over the Houston Dynamo on Sunday. Sorry for the delay, apparently 30 minutes is too long and I had to break it into two portions.

Part 1:

Part 2:

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  1. not gonna lie i'm kinda nervous to watch this onen.. not getting my hopes up.

    you could tell Guille was slightly peeved at the way bobby was handling him. saying that he was a professional and that it was his job to adapt to surfaces... now bobby leaves hejduk, the true captain, behind? what the hell

    Let's hope there is some legit strategy in these moves that the coaching staff is confident of, and not just saving Hejduk for Chicago. because that would mean we are NOT giving it our all in CONCACAF.