Tuesday, September 15, 2009

9/15/09: Attention- Tifo For Cruz Azul & Saprissa Games

I noticed that both Cruz Azul and Saprissa have these annoying mascots that seem to be a big part of their identity. I'm going to make either a one to four sheet banner for both games and affix sturdy enough poles to it to hold it upright. With both a bunny and dragon mascot and something representing the Crew doing something to it.

I'll likely come early enough on the Saturday before the Chicago Sunday game to do the tracing at Kevin's or elsewhere. And, then paint the Cruz Azul one right away Monday and Tuesday. And, the Saprissa one the weekend after. If anyone wants to help the night before these games I'll bring the banners likely to Blake's dads where we finished them up before or elsewhere.

For these games we need to bring those checkered flags out in full force and those other Crew flags, as well as the remaining two sticks, also people should make their own two sticks. Seriously, making a proper two stick takes about 30 minutes to a hour and is cheap. We also will bring out some of the crowd banners. Also, we will be buying smoke bombs.

We need to set it off on these nights and do it up big. These are huge games and the atmosphere needs to be better than ever at least from us, can't do much about the rest of the stadium. We will likely do some sort of projects for Los Angeles and Seattle too. But, I'm not putting as much work into those. Maybe a one sheet upright laughing at Beckham, Donovan, and Sigi.

Any other ideas appreciated.


  1. for LA a banner saying "Sorry Becks, Posh likes it MASSIVE!"for LA a banner saying "Sorry Becks, Posh likes it MASSIVE!"

  2. "something representing the Crew doing something to it."

    Come on Crewfighter... Isn't it obvious? It should most definitely be the CREW CAT!!

    If I have the time maybe I'll sketch up a few images and email them in. No promises though as I'm super busy with work at the moment. ;OD