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9/14/09: Post Game Talk: At the End of the Day, Winners Win & Losers Lose & Some Losers Cry A Lot

Hejduk celebrates another win with Nordeckians ( All Pictures By Sam Fahmi)

Things got a little spicy on Sunday at Columbus Crew Stadium. Two fights (one in front of the Nordecke with Lenhart getting the best of three Dynamo players) and one controversial PK according to Houston Dynamo player Geoff Cameron.

"It wasn't a PK," Cameron said. "[Moreno] dove all game. That's how they play. They dove for free kicks and the ref awarded them. Obviously, (the referees) have to know he goes in and looks to fall down. We watched the PK twice. He should be fined for diving. Him and (Guillermo Barros) Schelotto, diving all game. They should review it and give them a fine."

Umm, yeah, okay Geoff. I would like to point out that in the game of soccer the first thing you tell a striker is when a defender puts his hands on you in the box you go down. It's a basic worldwide principle of being a striker. I learned that at like six.

Further, instead of blaming others, maybe you should look at yourself Geoff Cameron. Even though you may have looked at the PK twice after the game, like this fluckin proves anything, maybe you should look at it a third time. If you did maybe you would see that Moreno beat you to the ball and you grabbed and basically had Moreno's arm in a chokehold and pulled him down that way. FYI Geoff(man did your parents hate you with the name choice?), you can't grab a players arm and change their direction even a little bit in the box or that is a penalty.

You did just that. So, next time maybe you shouldn't get beat by Moreno, who usually runs as if he was in sand, and instead say "my bad" for getting beat in the box and grabbing the player to hopefully give your keeper a chance.

Just a thought.

Secondly, to put it as nicely as possible, Geoff Cameron is classless for his actions with Lenhart after that. I always hate the people who come late into a confrontation and then jump into someone's face at the last second to get in some choice words and then slip away like a little girl when the referee/police/bouncer comes over. Cameron wasn't even involved or around the play, and he comes storming over like Lenhart just ran over his minature schnitzel. Geoff Cameron needs to grow up and learn how to take some responsibility, there are only douche-snoggle awards(instead of sportmanship awards) for that bitching. Also, maybe Cameron should find a better coping mechanicism for his anger, instead of taking it out on Lenhart for trying to kill the game with possession.

I know, I know good old logic is hard to come by when you're as upper crust as thee' Houston Dynamo.

Logic also doesn't seem to be a trait of Brian Ching's, as I assume Ching wouldn't be a proponent of the saying that the "better team always finds a way to win". Or sentence construction:
"We were the better team. We created more chances and fight hard and then to have it in the 90th minute given to the other team is extremely disappointing and frustrating."

Okay stammering Stanley.

"These points all matter. For it, in our eyes, to be unfairly taken away from you, it's not hard to have that emotion bubble over. You see guys frustrated. You put so much energy into the game and come away with nothing when you deserve so much more than that."

Well, if Ching could finish a header from three yards out instead of completely missing the target Houston may have won 2-1. I mean maybe I'm way off base, but professionals usually finish a header from 3 yards out with an open net. Right? Anyways, just cuddle with Holden and Cameron on the way home and you'll be over it by the time you're over St. Louis good ole Chingy-boy.

By the way, no matter the Dynamo's jive talk, the Crew were the better side. Robbie Rogers was putting on a field day. Him, Guillermo, Moreno, etc. put on a passing demonstration in the second half. I also believe we were the better side because when Houston tied the game I felt cheated and I agree with Hejduk's version of events via Craig Merz:

"That's what teams are going to say when they lose. They make excuses and say anything they can. They're angry that they lost," he said. "The better team on the field won tonight. When you lose you're never happy. I would have said the same thing if it had happened to us in Houston.

"They were falling around, too. They were getting just as many calls as we were. It was evenly called. I don't care. They can say it all day long. We're walking out of here with three points and that's all that matters."

Bingo. Cameron can cry, Ching can bemoan his "emotional bubble" bursting or whatever, but at the end of the day winners win and losers lose. You dig?

Mi Corazon

GK: Hesmer- 8
DR: Hejduk- 9.5 (that was a slick Rick goal. Most of the Nordecke was confused when it happened because that was a near impossible angle. Hejduk sometimes just does with willpower.)
DC: Brunner 8 Much improved from last time out.
DC: Marshall 8
DL: Gino- 9 Thought he had a solid game on his end.
DM: Brian Carroll- 8
RM: Robbie Rogers- 9.7 MOTM Was lights out, just schooling other national team players out on the field today. This is a tough call, because I like a little selfishness, but on his one on five run to the box, he probably should have passed it to a wide open O'Rourke. I love the confidence though. It's sometimes better for Rogers to just take it all the way. The kid is on right now.
CM: Danny O'Rourke- 8
LM: Eddie Gaven- 9 Was fearful he would shoot it like he sometimes does in the run of play. But, struck the PK well.
AM: Guillermo- 8 Getting closer to the old Guillermo
ST: Moreno- 9 I thought he was active in the game and did well. Did his job gaining the PK.

SOME BALLER QUOTES: Sometimes when some are delving deep under the surface of an issue. We all need some Schelotto in our lives to tell us what really matters.

"We are the best team. The second-best team is Houston. We have 42 points. They have 40," said Schelotto.

Man, I want to see him toot the boot in real life soo bad now.

And, Hejduk on the Lenhart scrum via Mitchell:
"That was just the weirdest thing ever," Hejduk said. "I really didn't know what the hell was going on. I didn't know whether to run to that corner and try to strangle someone or go and defend."

Word to the wise on Mitchell's blog from John Z for future opponents:
Just a word to all future Crew opponents... Perhaps if you are going to get into a fight with one of our players, that might escalate into something quite heated, you don't do it in front of the home teams most passionate (and drunk) fans.

I would not have been surprised if the Lenhart v Bowsell/Chabala fight had ended up with fists being thrown if parts of the Nordecke had emptied on those two guys.

EMILIO?!: As the Crew stood deadlocked with Houston, chants for Emilio started in the Nordecke. Many are curious to see what the new signing has to offer and it seemed after the Houston goal the Crew could use a spark. The thing is Emilio wasn't just not picked as a sub, he wasn't even on the bench or anywhere. What gives? Is Emilio already emulating the Nyazamba road?

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