Saturday, September 12, 2009

9/12/09: The Love Fest Ceases, Houston vs. Columbus Battle Tomorrow

What have we all learned from two weeks of build up between Houston and Columbus? Well, Columbus has a massive mancrush on the Houston organizational model and Houston has a hankering for how Columbus does things as well. The two conference leaders from the coaches down to the players are all chubby santa over their opponents.

The best script excerpts from the new Lifetime movie "Dynamo Desire." Starting with these quotes from Craig Merz's article:

"It starts with the guys they continue to keep there" in Houston, Crew midfielder Brian Carroll said. "They work hard -- Ching, Mullan, they keep the guys focused. They're good leaders. Their coach keeps getting guys who can do the job and work hard. They have the talent and they keep bringing guys in and developing them. The guys who maybe don't have a ton of talent they get the most out of and make sure they understand the plan.

"They built a core (a hot molten core of love) when they were in San Jose before they moved to Houston," Warzycha said. "You're talking about Ching and Ricardo Clark, Mullan, Barrett, Robinson, Onstad. They're all still playing. That's the core of the team. They've found a way to play and found a way to share a life because that's basically what it is. You see the guys every day and you're driving together for a championship every year. They never get tired of each other. That's what you want."

"They're a class organization from top to bottom," said O'Rourke. "Good coach. Good players. They practice short and sharp and get off the field like we do. I see a lot of similarities between the two teams and that's why we're both successful."

And from the Houston side of the love affair, via Andrew Ferraro. Now pardon me as I excuse myself from all this bum patting and chivalry. Everyone knows that Houston has a good team, blah.. blah... blah.. The Crew would make it more interesting if they just talked trashed.

Further, the Crew need to make up for a game they should have won every time out against NYRB last week, with a much tougher game this weekend against Houston. If the Crew have too much respect for Houston, the Crew might be saying please, thank you, and still opening doors for the Dynamo on the way to the Crew's third straight loss.

Overall, we are the Columbus Crew. We don't look to emulate or be like anyone else. Emulation is a one track road, and only other teams should aspire to be MASSIVE like Columbus.

Will the Nordecke finally see new striker Emilio Renteria?

LINEUP PREDICTION: Your normal lineup for the most part, except Brunner and Moreno. I have liked how Brunner has stepped up so far this year but I think Brunner had a tough last two games and could use a breather. I also want to see the Moffat and Carroll midfield look again. So, I would place Danny O'Rourke at center back.

I would also sit Alejandro Moreno who played 77 minutes for Venezuela in Venezuela on Wednesday. I think it is time to see what Emilio Renteria has to offer.

Any players left out will definitely get their chance to make contributions as I feel our lineup will change multiple times over the next 21 days.

GK: Will Hesmer
DR: Frankie Hejduk
DC: Chad Marshall
DC: Danny O'Rourke
DL: Gino Padula
DM: Brian Carroll
CM: Adam Moffat
LM: Eddie Gaven
RM: Robbie Rogers
AM/F: Guillermo Barros Schelotto
F: Emilio Renteria

PREDICTION: The Crew win 2-1 off of goals from Guillermo Barros Schelotto and Emilio Renteria. Luis Angel Landin scores for Houston.

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