Friday, September 11, 2009

9/11/09: Schiesse, Toronto FC Got A Lot Better Today Signing De Guzman

Today, Toronto FC signed 28 year old defensive midfielder Julian De Guzman as their designated player. De Guzman has played his entire career in Europe with Olympique De Marsielle, Saarbrucken, Hannover 96, and most recently with Deportivo De La Coruna of Spain. De Guzman was the first Canadian to ever play in the La Liga and did quite well during his time there being recognized as player of the year in the 2007-2008 season.

So, what does this mean for the Columbus-Toronto rivalry? Well, Guzman isn't much of a scoring threat, Guzman has only scored three times in his entire club career. But, Guzman will be a boost in the linking up and distribution in the midfield. Think of Brian Carroll on steriods. I saw De Guzman play in the Canada vs. El Salvador Gold Cup match this Summer at CCS, and he was quite easily the best Canadian player on the field.

So, Toronto FC just nabbed quite possibly the best Canadian talent around. Can't be good news, but we'll see his form this Saturday against Colorado.

Guzman hightlights:

Another question, since TFC has made their move, are the Crew going to fill Nyazamba's spot before the deadline? What are your thoughts?


  1. Way to go! They got a guy nobody in Europe wanted anymore so he came crawling back to good ol' canada. Best player for Canada? Congratulations, that's a statement.

    TFC was as far down on his list of wanted destinations as he is on the list of "next TFC savior". List see if he is any different than all the others. Weren't they just hyping Ali Gerba?

    I fogot, Gerba just needed someone like De Guzman to help him score. You know, since it's been so successful for Canada. The JDG, Gerba & Dero combo looked great in their qualifier the other night.

  2. Congratulations. They are still not going to make the playoffs and have to pay this guy while they are at it.