Tuesday, September 1, 2009

9/1/09: Warzycha Happy With New York Performance. Really?

Warzycha on the New York game lineup:
"That was the best lineup for the game," Warzycha said. "To my mind, every lineup I put on the field is going to win the game and that was the best lineup."

No Schelotto? No Rogers? No O'Rourke? No Moreno? No Renteria? Best lineup? Okay... If you say so skipper.

Warzycha on the effort during the game:
“To be honest with you, I was very happy with that performance," Crew coach Robert Warzycha said. "I think we definitely dominated the game and gave up a counterattack goal. So obviously, I’m not happy with the result but I’m pretty happy with the way the guys played.”

Sure it wasn't the worst performance ever and the Crew had most of the possession. But, a 1-0 loss against the worst team in MLS isn't exactly something to be happy about. The Crew passed around New York as if the Crew were in practice but seemed disinterested with being dangerous in the final third. The team's first shot was recorded in the 79th minute. If someone could clue me in with what there is to be happy about, I'm all ears.

Some sense:
"The break is good for us," Warzycha said. "We are a point out of the overall. We'd won 10 games in the last 18 games. Before the loss we won five straight. Even a championship team is going to lose some games. It's not possible to win every game."

Anything is possible, but yes winning every game probably is not likely as the Crew demonstrated well enough this week. Still, I don't know, with 7 games in 20 days against the previous MLS champions Houston, then the Costa Rican Champions Saprissa away, then against the Eastern Conference runners up Chicago away, then the team that just beat you 5-0 at home in Cruz Azul, then the on fire LA Galaxy who are second in the West, then the Costa Rican Champions again, then the third place team in the West with Seattle at home; maybe just maybe we shouldn't be happy and aloof about not picking up any points against a team that has won a total of 3 times all season.

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  1. Still not worried. They lose three in a row, I'll be worried.