Tuesday, September 15, 2009

9/15/09: Nordecke West & Crewture Updates

Mmm.. I love the smell of smoke bomb in the morning. As well as the taste of the Heineken at 6:00 a.m. on an away trip

**A Massive Radio preview of the important battle tomorrow against Saprissa will be up later tonight.

**I'll also be doing a video recap of the Houston Dynamo victory with some cool clips, techno or polish/german rap music, and some pictures.

**I might also buy a small pocket video camera for the Chicago away trip on Sunday to make a video of that trip. I was mistaken about some details of that trip, there is only one bus. But, with the ammount of people I heard who are flying and driving up seperately, it should be a pretty good away crowd for a Sunday contest. I would say at least around 100 or so. Maybe 125.

I was maybe going to drive myself and three other guys up. But, a spot opened up on the bus and I rather not kill myself driving to and from Chicago in one day. So, see you all on the bus.

**There will be no TIFO project for Chicago away because apparently Fire security has some totalitarian rules at their stadium nowadays in regards to banners. There will(consult the previous post) be some TIFO projects in the works for at least the Champions League home games, and possibly smaller ones for the LA and Seattle games.

Paint that sh*thole, yellow!


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