Monday, August 17, 2009

8/17/09: The People's Ratings: 8/15 vs. FC Dallas

by JB the First
photo credit to James Micciulla

Chad Marshall's second goal in two games and outstanding defensive performance earned him this week's PMOTM, but Jed Zayner's breakout performance, Emmanuel Ekpo's domination of Dallas's Jair Benitez, and Will Hesmer's third straight clean sheet earned them honorable mention. Marshall becomes the first player to capture two PMOTM awards, beating out Robbie Rogers and Danny O'Rourke.

-------------------------------Hesmer (7.81)--------------------------------

Zayner (8.19)----Brunner (7.12)----Marshall (8.46 MOTM)----Padula (7.19)

------------------O'Rourke (6.54)------Moffat (5.69)----------------------

Ekpo (7.85)---------------------------------------------------Rogers (7.54)

-----------Lenhart (4.92)-------------Moreno (6.19)-----------------------

Gaven (7.5)
Oughton (5.5)
Guillermo Barros Schelotto (not enough time)
Season averages since July 25, below, show Marshall making a strong case for People's MVP. Hesmer's 7.47 is indicative of his solid performances in goal since his return from injury, and Zayner's somewhat surprising 7.31 shows that he can provide a consistent replacement for Frankie Hejduk in case of injury, and maybe as a starting right back of the future...Stay tuned for ratings from The Massive Club's first match of Champions League play against the Puerto Rico Islanders later this week.


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