Wednesday, August 5, 2009

8/5/09: The People's Ratings: 8/1 v. Colorado

Chad Marshall is The People's Man of the Match with a 8.32 rating against Chicago. His 8.32 rating tied the average rating of William Hesmer, but Marshall received more MOTM nods. The People's Ratings takes 10-20 ratings from Crew fans and averages them to compile a score weekly.

by JB the First
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This week's People's Ratings show an obvious bias towards the defense. The Crew were defending most of the night because of the midfield and forwards' inability to combine for any sustained pressure, but the back line picked up the slack:

Zayner (6.56)----Brunner (6.86)----Marshall (8.32)----Padula (5.51)

------------------O'Rourke (6.09)----Carroll (4.95)----------------

Gaven (5.18)-------------------------------------------Rogers (4.98)

-----------Lenhart (4.86)-------------Garey (4.77)-----------------

Ekpo (5.84)
Moreno (6.4)
Moffat (Not enough time)
Your People's Man of the Match: Center back Chad Marshall. Although Marshall and William Hesmer finished with the exact same People's Ratings, Marshall got the nod by way of more MOTM nominations within the submitted ratings. If you don't like it, tough. The People are always right.

And, as always, the People love their snarky remarks. Again, Emmanuel Ekpo is the target:

Ekpo: He's fast he's slick he gets tired really quick!
-TheUltra of Big Soccer

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  1. carrol, iro, and of course moreno are on my shit list. besides that everyone else on the team is peace