Monday, August 10, 2009

8/10/09: The People's Ratings 8/8 vs. San Jose

by JB the First
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The People's Ratings this week show another strong performance from the defense, as well as strong approval for Head Coach Robert Warzycha's late-game substitutes.

Although Emmanuel Ekpo's spark off the bench garnered him some People's Man of the Match nominations, Robbie Rogers's goal and assist impressed The People enough for him to claim his first PMOTM award.

----------------------------Hesmer (6.73)---------------------------

Zayner (7.18)----Brunner (6.73)----Marshall (7.45)----Padula (6.61)

------------------O'Rourke (5.81)----Carroll (5.82)----------------

Gaven (4.18)-------------------------------------Rogers (7.73 MOTM)

-----------Lenhart (5.77)-------------Garey (4.27)-----------------

Moreno (7.18)
Ekpo (7.59)
Moffat (7.05)

Below are averages for the portion of the season covered by The People's Ratings (July 25 against Toronto FC-present). Chad Marshall's game average of 7.89 makes him an early candidate for the People's Ratings MVP, but Will Hesmer's solid play has also earned him high marks:

No comments this week; wholesale domination by the Crew seems to be lulling the voters into complacency. Stay tuned for more next week after Saturday's FC Dallas matchup, as well as the Massive club's first foray in the CONCACAF Champions League. Remember to e-mail your ratings to after each game.

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