Thursday, August 6, 2009

8/6/09: The Worst Penalty Kick Attempt I Have Ever Seen

I'm not too sad about this miss since it's the Chicago Fire. But, man does Fire midfielder Justin Mapp suck at penalities(go to 1:42):

Get a little anxious there buddy? Mapp is supposed to be a "professional" and he kicks a field goal on a penalty. If you can't get it on frame, you suck. Even Daniel Woolard(a rookie) up next in penalties after Mapp's miss showed the higher paid Mapp up with a nice and easy kick to the corner with no force, instead of blasting it. But, as soon as Mapp kicked the ball out into the parking lot the damage was done and another MLS team loses in an international tournament.

And, even though it's the Fire, it would have been nice(albeit Superliga is pretty pointless) for a MLS team to win it. Since that MLS team would have been Chicago, I'm not too torn up about it.

**Also, last night Seattle showed that they have the depth of a kiddie pool against Barcelona, as Barcelona schooled their joke team around the whole day. Man, I feel sad for the people that actually went to go watch that. I had the game on in the background and got bored with the one sided affair, so I mainly played Football Manager the whole time during it. Hopefully the same joke showing is up for Toronto fans on Friday.


  1. I was at that game and the Crew would have had the same fate. Sorry brother. I have been a crew fan (Yea I still have a 'Doctor' jersey. Do you remember him..or were you still in middle school?) even after I moved out here and the crew would have gotten stomped just as bad if not worse. Barca is just simply that good. It was different line-up than the one the Galaxy was fortunate enough to deal with last week.

    Try barking up another tree or just keep making fun of Toronto. Stick with what you are good at.

  2. Obviously, you're a Seattle fan these days. The Crew wouldn't get absolutely embarrassed with their starting 11. They would put up a better fight than that.

    Even the Galaxy put up a better fight against Barcelona and AC Milan. Every single Seattle player, even Ljunberg, looked like they were a pub team. Crew would of done better than that.

    But, sorry for dissing your new favorite synthetic team.

  3. Obviously, I am not a Seattle fan at all...I appreciate the game in general. My loyalties are overseas (ie not with an MLS side)...

    I have been to plenty of Crew games in the past and even right before I moved out to Seattle in 2006. The Galaxy played it's starting 11 against mostly reserves on the Barcelona side like I said in my previous message.

    Seattle played extremely well against Chelsea in it's other friendly this summer, but Barcelona is a different animal. I would expect someone that writes exclusively on a sport to be at least educated on tactics and styles of play from the European squads. Barcelona is all attack...all the time...with precision passing and unbelievable control in the midfield.

    Considering the Crew's last friendly against a Premier League squad (and not a run against the Everton reserves) was a draw against the Mighty Hammers, I think it is fair Schelotto (sp) and the rest of the Crew would have been neutralized within the first ten minutes as Barcelona has (by far) the best midfield in the world (Xavi, Iniesta). It was on display in Seattle, which is why Ljungberg looks awesome against the likes of the Crew, but cant do a thing against a world-class side like Barca.

    Btw...AC Milan is in shambles...and they are terrible.

    Sorry to strike a nerve with your inability to decipher good teams for what they are and belittle other teams that dont happen to wear yellow and black. I can easily remember the early years of Crew Suckage...there were plenty of them and I still paid to watch them at the Shoe and plenty of times in the new stadium with the high school metal bleachers. Enjoy the run of small success that the Crew have garnered, because after the CBA expires...Columbus will back where it was in in the late 90s, as free agency comes into play in the MLS. While teams with synthetic support and maybe even a synthetic pitch will be spending money like clubs in every other league in the world.

  4. If you think Seattle's abillity and the Crew's matchup whatsoever then your sadly mistakin. Veteran defenders like Marshall, Gino, and Fankie, while they would not have shut down Barca by any means, dont give a player like Messi 20 yards of space like he had on each of his goals. Im not saying the Crew would win so dont go piss a fit, but 4 0 wouldnt have been the case. So why dont you and your oversea loyalties f*** off and stop commenting on a fan clubs website that you dont root for.

  5. Lol, man that was annoying to read. Listen buddy I know these are all great teams and the Crew wouldn't likely get close to beating any of them. But, at home, if we were actually playing our starters, the Crew wouldn't lay over and die. Because they have incredible heart and are a solid 11. While Seattle is all Ljuenberg, Montero, Keller, and nothing else; a European team can exploit that. But, the Crew would give a better account of themselves and the league than the embarrassing performances by Seattle and TFC. The Crew wouldn't play that shitty at home with their starting 11, especially if 70,000 locals paid to see them.

    Also, f**k anyone with loyalties overseas. I hate those type of people. I have been overseas and been to games at Old Trafford, White Hart Lane, Oxford United, Wisla Krakow, etc., but I'm not going to pretend to be the biggest Manchester United fan or whatever(because that's all fucking fake and too easy). What loyalty can you have to an area you probably never been to before, for a team that you don't even share a language with. It must be great to really support a side from your sofa. Supporting a side is work; it's making banners, chanting, being there every game jumping up and down in a section for your local club.

    I also played soccer in college for a couple of universities that made it to NCAA's. So, yeah I might know a little more than your fat ass who just picks his favorite team that dominates whatever league overseas.

    Why don't you go on Barcelona's board. Because seriously, I couldn't give a f**k about Barcelona or European soccer to be honest. It's just Crew, plain and simple. And, if you're not a fan, GTFO.

  6. I'm saying with Barca or Real Madrid on preseason fitness. The Crew would at least give them a 3-2 scoreline with a starting 11.

    Will Hesmer, Chad Marshall, Robbie Rogers, Eddie Gaven, and Frankie Hejduk are all NT quality.

    Ekpo could be the next Nigerian star 3 years from now.

    Padula and Schelotto are great internationals. Carroll, Moffatt, O'Rourke, Brunner, Moreno, Lenhart, Garey can all give good accounts for themselves.

    Add Renteria in the mix soon.

    The thing is with a solid 11 you can compete, at least not get murdered. Only the Crew and Houston have a solid 11 in MLS. And, that's from management knowing how to work with the salary. They are also the better clubs because they know how to avoid these type of friendlies in the middle of their season.

  7. "which is why Ljungberg looks awesome against the likes of the Crew"

    You're right! He looked so awesome when he missed that penalty kick against us in his own house.