Wednesday, August 5, 2009

8/6/09: Crew Owner Clark Hunt Must Have A Glorious Sense Of Humor, May Become Owner of West Ham.

Crew Owner Clark Hunt To Own West Ham? Well, That's Ironic.

According to the Sun, Crew owner Clark Hunt could own West Ham or could possibly be at least in talks about the proposition.

Columbus Dispatch Writer Shawn Mitchell caught word of this rather surprising development from a source in London, and looked to verify:
I got word from London today that Clark Hunt and Hunt Sports Group was poised to take over ownership of English Premier League team West Ham United. Not so, said HSG spokesman Ryan Petkoff. “I don’t know where that came from,” Petkoff said. “Hunt Sports Group is not interested in participating in any other sports investments at this time. We kind of have a full plate.”

Mitchell is usually spot on(but owners and teams don't always feed the whole story) as apparently the Renteria rumor wasn't worth getting our knickers in a twist, although Renteria is now about 99% percent likely to be signed by Columbus. So, there's probably more to the story. Even the Sun(while not being the most reliable reading material) wouldn't likely make this up out of thin air.

Or maybe someone in Hunt Sports Group said, "Now Clarkie, you know right that this is the team where their fans fought our fans and unfurled an ICF banner?" And, he might of said, "Ohhhh, yeah. I think that was the Hammers. Oh, sh*t nevermind." And, then that's where you have Mr. Petkoff denying any knowledge.

If you need a refresher course of why this is so ironic, here's fan interaction from a "friendly" between the two sides(one owned by Hunt, the other rumored to be nearly purchased from Hunt) in July of 2008.

Maybe Mr. Hunt is trying to add Hoolie Tycoon next to his title of Oil Tycoon.

Overall, not exactly as terrifying as the press made it out to be at the time. But, not exactly as heartwarming as FC Barcelona vs. Seattle, which was commerated with a cylinder of hope.

Anyways, the thought of an MLS owner owning one of the clubs with the most unruly fan behavior reputation in England in West Ham(between them, Millwall, and Birmingham City) and the one with (as much as I hate to say it) probably the most unruly in America(since Toronto FC is in Canada), is rather ironically bemusing.

And, overall, if Clark Hunt does buy West Ham it's probably fine with Crew fans. It's nothing Earth shattering with the ammount of American owners buying into the Premiership these days. And, apparently for some reason our histories oddly have been intertwined in the past few years(out of all teams). So, mise well. And, if not, hey at least this all was worth a good laugh.

Anyways, I'll just leave you with some quick amusing pictures:


  1. You do realise that those fans in them video are not the icf just family fans gone overseas to suport there club. It looks as those ur fans were the ones tryin to prove a point on that day, point proved " you still dont have a clue " You yanks need to stop watching green street, if you met the icf you would know about it and by the way i am not actually a west ham fan.

  2. Wow extreme Anonymous! The clue that you and the rest of the world needs to get is that we don't jizz ourselves over Greet street hooligans. Might share a similar name but nothing after that. We think its hilarious that everyone tries to hype what our name and means and whoever showed up acting like ICF were a bunch of twats just like you. Prove a point? That assholes shouldnt come over to another teams supporter section throwing beers? Ya that was the only point proved that day... well that and how quick someone can run after being tazed LOL

  3. DID anybody notice the guy could not even spell COLUMBUS right in the article.

  4. I said it on Mitchell's blog and I'll say it again here...

    I think this rumor is BS. West Ham just came under new ownership (CB Holding) only a month or two ago. And thank god too, if it hadn't happened the Hammers would have been in quite a bind.

    I'm a big WHUFC fan and I'd have loved if HSG took them over cause then my two teams would be under the same ownership. A West Ham and Crew alliance! Haha, oh well...