Wednesday, August 5, 2009

8/5/09: Shaq Challenges Beckham, New Trolls Challenge Columbus

**I found this video sort of amusing for a slow news day. New Cleveland Cavalier Shaquielle O'Neill is challenging David Beckham to score a goal on him to the glee of the over-enthusiastic TMZ reporter. Apparently the two have some tiff over Kobe Bryant.

All I have to say is,
GBS -> O'Neill, Beckham, Bryant, and any other "star" out there.

But, maybe Shaq can come down the two hours on I-71 from Cleveland and give it a go against Beckham in late September.

**Apparently beating Toronto FC, makes Puerto Rico Islander fans think of themselves as worldbeaters. Also, apparently, they didn't receive the memo that Toronto FC isn't very good.

Anyways, the Puerto Rico Islander fans are now looking to "invade" Columbus on August 18th. Man, why does everyone have to invade us? Wouldn't it be easier for them to go to Saprissa? Either way, I bet 10 show up.

**Here's Chris Cummins explaining the pathetic result against Puerto Rico:

Doesn't Cummins look like a coach on borrowed time? How long do you think before he is on the way out like John Carver?

**The USA vs. Mexico game(which surprisingly isn't on ESPN2 even though games against Trinidad & Tobago are) can be seen apparently on the new english language based telemundo 2:

Visit page on mun2

Since I'm now located in Northwestern PA, I doubt I'll be able to watch this game anywhere though. Thanks ESPN.

**Jozy Altidore moves on loan to Hull City.


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