Tuesday, August 4, 2009

8/4/09: Man, Hope Is Expensive

To commemorate a friendly between FC Barcelona and Seattle, artist Dave Chihuly from Tacoma, Washington has created a cylinder of broken(or rather slivered) glass with a FC Barcelona logo painted on it (painted apparently by possibly someone contracted by Chihuly from a sixth grade art class). Look, I'm all for charity and I think it's wonderful that the proceeds will be going to help Barcelona's charities.

But, for a $10,000 dollar starting bid, don't you think they should throw in a few games at the Nou Camp, dinner with Lionel Messi, and a chance to pick up some Spanish chicks (along with the broken glass hope cylinder)?

Maybe I'm not refined. But, that seems a bit steep.

Anyone think this will go for $10,000? What involving Barcelona or any soccer team would get you to pay $10,000 dollars?


  1. No way it goes for anything remotely close to 10,000. Maybe if someone oriented with the clubs/leagues involved this wknd wants to make some press, then someone with deep pockets will take one for the team and shell out the 10g's. But no way any one out of their own free will goes wow this shit's off the hook and drops the $.

    Btw I too also thought the Barca logo looked pre-school quality. What a joke

  2. Lol, I agree. I just don't get rich people and their tastes for crap. Well, at least some of the money will hopefully go to charity.

  3. Chihuly is a fabulous glass crafter. I'm confused as to why he didn't make something more impressive.

    And, honestly, I won't be surprised if it goes for that much if not double. That is how the art world works.

  4. Yeah, I agree. It gets to the point where a name means more than quality, although I guess quality is in the eye of the beholder.

    Hey, at least it's for charity. I just figure soccer fans might want a different package, if they are going to donate $10,000 and up.

    But, hey maybe some soccer fans just want a nice glass thing to stare at.

  5. I agree with John Z I love Chihuly's work but I do not like this, the one he make for the Chelsea game is much better. If you want a small bowl it's 2-3 thousand dollars by Chihuly. by the way it's only 1.5 to get a Suite at crew stadium 7.5 to get 4 fantasy seats.