Tuesday, August 4, 2009

8/4/09: Bring On The Islanders

The now pornstached Noah Delgado is the diminuitive captain of the Puerto Rico Islanders with 116 caps. Delgado led his side to a 1-0 aggregate defeat over Toronto FC

I didn't even bother watching this one, as I figured it was a foregone conclusion that Toronto FC didn't have the moxy to pull one out in the tropics of Puerto Rico. I was right, Adderly and Dichio traded shots at the post and the game ended 0-0 in San Juan, with the Islanders moving on 1-0 with an away goal at BMO field.


The win gives the Islanders and former Crew keeper Bill Guadette a matchup with the Crew in the first group play game at Crew Stadium on August 18th. Unfornately for the Great Puerto Rico hope, unlike the Toronto team and their fans, the Crew will play like champions and the fans will chant with passion for 90 minutes, and will(more than likely) sucessfully defend their home field.

We will beat a tricky Puerto Rico(we have to beat them to set the tone early, at home, in what may be the group of death in CONCACAF), we have to win at home against Puerto Rico with stronger teams like Cruz Azul and Saprissa in our group. And, because I think Puerto Rico is the more dangerous team I kind of wanted Toronto to win (Toronto couldn't beat us if they signed 5 Julian De Guzman's). What better way to start off a big tournament then at home (where you never lose in the first place) against a team your club has never lost against. But, then again it's a can't lose stituation as I read TFC boards and laugh at their misery (as they cry over the fact that they won't get any revenge against us this season -yeah, I doubt they even make the playoffs-, but even if we did meet in CONCACAF or later down the road in the playoffs they are delirous if they think they had or have a chance to get revenge in the first place against a team of our caliber). We are at a whole different level(as a team and as a supporters section).

Here's to TFC wallowing in despair against us forever. Let a real MLS squad show Puerto Rico and the USL what's up on August 18th.

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  1. Man, I love sweet Toronto tears.