Monday, August 3, 2009

8/3/09: Renteria Confirmed

In MLS, the rich get richer as the Crew build on to their already talented roster.

The 99% percent done deal from our sources was finally confirmed by Mitchell tonight, provided that Emilio Renteria doesn't turn out to be a jerk, a flake, or a mack daddy pimp.

From Shawn Mitchell at the Dispatch:
--It seems likely Venezuelan Emilio Renteria will be picked up by the Crew as a discovery signing provided he checks out physically and professionally.

As of Friday, the league had seen no proof that he no longer had obligations to his former club, Caracas FC, although I'm told that according to Renteria's camp, Caracas erred in releasing a statement last month that said Renteria had re-signed.

I'm also told Renteria has jumped the gun a bit with statements he has made in Venezuela regarding the Crew. If there are immigration hangups or a poor physical, or if he shows up and comes off as a jerk or a flake, the deal might be off. Still, things would not have progressed this far had some tentative salary numbers not been agreed upon.

The Crew could sign Renteria as a discovery free agent any time before Sept. 15.

For how long Renteria and the Crew have discussed these numbers, it's unlikely that there will be any hang ups on most or any of these fronts. Especially since if the Crew don't sign Renteria, the Crew won't have much of a backup plan to sign someone else as talented before the deadline. The Crew need to fill their roster before CONCACAF and Renteria along with the African developmental player are the Crew's top targets now. So, we expect Renteria to be in a Crew jersey the week of August 15th to August 22nd. One of those three games. Renteria is coming back to Columbus with Moreno after the Venezuelan August 12th qualifier against Colombia. And, with this being a done deal in Venezuela for three weeks, it should be expected that once Renteria comes there will be nothing much else to discuss.

An announcement of the signing should be imminent soon after Renteria arrives after the Colombia qualifier, provided there are no hang ups with immigration and provided that Renteria fits the moral fabric of the Crew organization. :-)

So, if we all want to see this:

We all better hope Renteria doesn't turn out to be a bumbaclot (albeit I think we could use a little bit more of that on the field).

I like a little attitude:

So, more of it is a plus in my book. All the way to the cup.

Anyways, Crew fans what do you think? Is Renteria an upgrade or downgrade compared to Noonan? After seeing Noonan look rather sleepy against the Crew this Saturday, I have to think it's an upgrade. But, what do you think? Yeah or nay on our new Venezuelan addition?


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