Monday, August 3, 2009

8/3/09: "It Is A Very Important Step In My Career, I Hope I Can Help A Lot," Says Renteria.

Schelotto, Moreno, and Renteria to form a South American formidable tandem.

Renteria will join the Columbus Crew of MLS, where he will be partnered with Alejandro Moreno.

The striker will seal, in the coming days, a contract to join the Columbus Crew of MLS. A sudden loss to Caracas and a powerful reinforcement for the club in Ohio. "On Tuesday, I will have the whole clear picture, yet we are closing the last details. I will have a final week of travel to get medical examinations," said Emilio from Maracay. Who will now return to the capital to deal with the U.S. visa to travel in a few days.

"It is a very important step in my career, football is growing there. It is a league I've seen a lot, and I like that I think I can make enough and help", as Renteria discusses a new horizon, he also took a step outside (Venezuelan) borders with the Spanish Levante.

From the beginning it was important to have the blessing of the club chairman. Caracas doesn't have the reinforcements at left forward and the team is in a delicate state. "The players I have wished good luck as well, I talked to 'Cheetah' and I was accepted, although he admitted that it is hard to see me go, because I thought about staying on, but I think the group has the depth."

The Venezuelan champions Caracas have a contingency plan to fill the post left by the 7 shirt. Renteria's replacement is likely to be either Wilson Carpintero, Ivan Trujillo, or "champeta" Velázquez; either could come to Caracas, as each are on the agenda of the Reds.

Each practice, Emilio served to find out something new about the MLS. His source was Gabriel Cichero, who used to play for Red Bull New York. "He told me it is a kind of league that gives me a lot for my playing style, which is of great speed and power. I also have asked about what life is like there. "

Moreover, once in Ohio, the frontman will have a guide to luxury: Alejandro Moreno. "I do not know him personally but will certainly be a great help, for language and to be Venezuelan. I know what he means to this club and I hope I can help a lot. " The Crew are in first place in the Eastern Conference of the current campaign.

My thoughts: The economy isn't the best in Venezuela at the time being and it seems that Renteria is extremely anxious for a move to Columbus for multiple reasons. That's probably why Renteria is being so vocal about his transfer, to show his happiness with the upcoming move. Renteria seems eager, anxious, not shy, media friendly, and outspoken. Can't fault Renteria, at least he hasn't been boring so far and he seems much more enthuisatic about the move compared to Schelotto in the beginning (even though Schelotto loves Columbus nowadays).

Hopefully Renteria can back the demeanor up with some confidence and goals on the field in Columbus.


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