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8/29/09: Crew Look To Get Back To Business Against NYRB

Champions always come out on top in the end.

The Crew might be bloodied by the loss in Mexico City, but the Crew shouldn't go to New York with a bruised ego. After reading the players and Warzycha's comments to Mitchell, the Crew seem to be viewing the breakdown in the right way. These things happen.

Sure, it was an inopportune time for a breakdown (if there ever is a good time). The Crew were being looked at by some(including myself) as the new Great MLS Hope at winning in Mexico. The Crew were finally the MLS team with the ability to show Mexicans good American club football by beating a Mexican club at their place.

I myself took the loss so hard because I was banking on the Crew being the team to show the world that MLS teams are not a joke and have the ability to win in tough places. I believed that this team could compete in Mexico City and I still believe they can.

But, I just know that the 5-0 drubbing will have people in England saying "Look how bad the champs got schlacked by a decent Mexican club, another reason why we can't start Becks as long as he is in that Mickey Mouse league." Or in Mexico, saying as miedotempo said, "The current champion of Major League Soccer failed to demonstrate the value of its crown."

We all should be upset about this performance because we all know the quality of this organization across the board. We should all be saying that was a blip and never again. The team has a lot to learn from this and one is embarrassment and the anger that comes from that. And, thankfully, Warzycha and the players seem much more upset about their performance than any fan could be. If they didn't that would be a big problem because it would show that they didn't care. I especially like this quote from Warzycha:
“I’m not saying that I take the loss easy. It’s 5-0. They just kicked our ass. No one is going to remember that we gave up two own goals and they scored on a penalty that was not a penalty. Nobody is going to remember that we played a man down for 60 minutes. Everybody that is reading the newspaper is going to remember that it’s 5-0. That’s what it is. What I hate after the game is that people are looking at me with that little bit of smile because I know what they’re thinking. That’s what is pissing me off.”

Warzycha hit it right on the head, that right there is what hurts the most. I hate that little damn smirk people get when they think there more superior or when they think they got one over on you for one reason or another. Hopefully, the players and Warzycha remember that little bit of smile and whipe it off everyone's faces by not letting it happen to them again in CONCACAF or MLS. Maybe they learn and whipe the smile off of Cruz Azul's fans faces in September.

Also, at least now Warzycha can say to the guys in the locker room in Saprissa, "remember that feeling when you walked off the field in Mexico City, let's not have that feeling again" and the guys will know exactly what he is talking about.

Also I like the Crew players honesty about the result, demonstrated here by Hesmer:
"I don't think from the opening whistle we came out with the right attitude," Hesmer said. "We pride ourselves on competing all the way through games. That clearly wasn't the case on Wednesday. It's the first time as long as I can remember when we stepped on the field and hadn't given it our all," Hesmer said. "Those games are going to happen. Unfortunately, that game happened against a good team in a tough environment."

Not giving it their all isn't a trend at our Massive club and Crew nation should be back to grinning by Sunday night.

Crew vs. NYRB:
The only contributors sidelined in this game are the Crew's Jed Zayner and the Red Bulls Albert Celades. The Crew should have a good opportunity to get back to their winning ways despite the Massive club being horrible on turf. The Crew may also debut Emilio Renteria. Why not they could use a spark plug after Wednesday.

Brunner could probably use a seat as a consequence of his red card. The Carroll/O'Rourke pairing also looked a bit fragile against Cruz Azul, so may want to move O'Rourke back to the defensive line, and play two forwards against New York. The Crew need to come out early and pound some goals past a New York side with renewed hope with their first win in 18 games. Here's what I would go with.


PROJECTED SCORE: Crew win 2-0 off of goals from new signing Emilio Renteria and Guillermo Barros Schelotto.


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