Wednesday, August 26, 2009

8/27/09: Utterly Bad, Crew Lay Over & Die In Mexico.

Cruz Azul ends the game in the first 10 minutes with two goals on the way to a 5-0 thumping of Columbus (Pic by: Reuters/Henry Romero).

I missed watching this game since I had to work until 1 a.m., I figured it may be better that way and I might be greeted after a tedious night of work with a good result. The whole way home from work I had a bad feeling. I kept telling myself, "no, the Crew have done it," but I knew I was lying to myself and usually my feelings are right. When I sat down to my computer with my eyes peeking out of my hands, I saw 5-0 Cruz Azul.

5 explicit words later, I took a deep breath and realized the truth. No matter how dominant a MLS team looks in MLS, they are nothing more than a bunch of part time amateurs just about anywhere else in the world.

I never wanted to believe that the Crew were just another amateur MLS side, but looking at the highlights(below) and from what Crew fans had to say on the forums, it seems the Crew looked like boys facing off against men.

Some Crew fans had some harsh words to say on the boards as well like the following (I don't totally agree, but after a performance like that I guess you can expect some backlashing):
"Today's game reinforced my opinion that Alejandro Moreno is simply a hard worker with nearly no talent who's made a living off of capitalizing off the mistakes of stupid MLS defenders."

And, the ratings from the fans were not much better:
Brunner: F---- (played stupidly)
Marshall: F---- (no heart, multiple embarrassing mistakes)
Schelotto: F- (no pace, awful passing)
Gaven: F- (embarrassing)
Hejduk: F--- (played stupidly, should know better)
Padula: F- (multiple dangerous tackles, multiple long passes to nowhere, as usual)
Moreno: F- (nothing)
O'Rourke: F (not too sure here)
Rogers: B- (great open field dribbling, no finishing)
Hesmer: D (would like to see him move toward the ball when it isn't aimed directly at him)
Lenhart: C (got his head on the ball at least)
Ekpo: D (maybe Rogers should not be his mentor)
Moffat: C (some nice shots from distance, none actually on frame)
Carroll: D (?)

And some fans even thought those ratings were too nice for some players:
I would expect Rogers to get a B from some but he didn't rate more than an F in my book. When you stub your toe on an open shot, can't beat the BACKUP keeper 1v1, can't beat a defender when the games is close AND dribble the ball out of the field of play while twisting your ankle; sorry, that's not a B.

Looking at the highlights, all you can really say about the Crew's performance is that it was utterly bad. No MLS team, even the Crew, will be going to the FIFA World Club Cup until the teams actually get a overall salary higher than teams in Lithuania. So, I guess the Crew can table those plans for a while. Or maybe they will prove us wrong and do better at home against these sort of clubs. It's up to them whether they pick themselves up and shake themselves off like they did after the 4-1 loss to Real Salt Lake earlier this season. It's only up to them on how they will grow from this defeat.


  1. Sorry, but this is embarressing to read. IT"S ONE GAME!! Get over yourselves! Just because we can't beat every team in the world doesn't mean we are amateurs. Yes, we got beat... badly. It happens to everybody from time to time, the Crew will bounce back and all of us will be singing "Columbus is the greatest team the world has ever seen".

    Some of these comments about the players piss me of as well. Padula, Passes to nowhere as usual? Ekpo, Rogers should not be his mentor? Since when did we start hating Padula, because I know this didn't just happen over night? He has always been a rock back there. A little slow at times, but maybe that's because he's getting older... there's a thought! It's a little ignorant to say that Rogers is Ekpo's mentor... I'm pretty sure that was Guille's job (could be wrong there, but I personally had hoped that Ekpo would replace Guille once the legend retires).

    So, to all of the fans out there, keep your heads up. I can't say you aren't justified to be pissed, but to rip these guys as bad as you have and to call the Crew amateurs is ridiculous. After 60 or so games of consistent games for the Crew, the only time they deserve this is if we get beat by anymore than 2 by the Dead Bulls... like that will ever happen.

  2. I too am not prepared to write off the Crew or MLS for that matter. Lets look at the entire body of work in terms of CCL. It was an utter disaster last night. I went to an Irish bar in Philly to watch the game. Came in with my Crew warmup on and pepped up. The bartender was a footie fan and we talked about the Gunners quite a bit. I was giving him the news on the Crew and MLS and he was excited about the new Philly team. It was embarrassing to watch him watch parts of the game. In the sixty some odd minute when Rogers tripped on his shoelace in the box and then turned to the ref as if to say I was tripped my head was on the bar and believe me it wasn't from intoxication, I only had three Stella's.
    It was the kind of humiliation teams and their fans need from time to time. It struck me just how long it has been since the Crew played that poorly and it reminded me of the US loss in Mexico,(as others have mentioned) very much.
    And the one at Giant stadium too, with the exception that we were never in the game last night.
    It also occurred to me theat there seemed to be a need by the referee to humiliate us as well. It was awful.With all respect to Cruz Azul I would say we beat ourselves last night. Or put another way, CA beat us 2-0. The rest was just plain awfulness.
    Chins up Crew fans this ones not over by a longshot. In the same way this drubbing may have been CA's response to the drubbing they got from Club America. I pity the fool that puts on the Red Bull jersey this weekend. Crew by 3.

  3. Well, yeah they are awesome in MLS, a superpower. But, they need to play better against teams like this, it was pretty amateur last night. I don't expect them to win but not to get embarrassed. Sure, they could do better and that's probably what upsets us the most.

    They showed up and let themselves get ran over.

    They have to redeem themselves and yes it happens. But, still. That's was just embarrassing.

  4. Absolutely that was embarressing. But I do agree with schelottoforprez's comment that the Crew beat themselves. They scored 2 decent goals, Marshall gave them the other two, and the PK was complete horse sh*t.

    It just pisses me off to see some fans be disrespectful and rip on their team as if they had always been awful. Players are allowed to have bad games every now and then.

  5. I love the Crew too much to trash them like this. They know they did a bad job. They don't need to hear it from a "supporter's site." This is the kind of article that can get you banned from interviewing players and getting access to the players at all.