Sunday, August 2, 2009

8/2/09: Think Anyone Will Listen?

Think anyone will listen? Doubt it, what do I know.

Who wants Crew fans that can't get enough? Who knows how bad the Crew want that type of fan. Despite the Crew FO being a godsend compared to most FO's, with the swear chants and a beer or two thrown, the front office was thinking about wrapping up the whole Nordecke show at the beginning of the year if it continued. Just like that, 3,000 passionate fans thrown into the wind. Instead, the section calmed down a bit and were slapped on the wrist with the section being proclaimed non-general admission again (dropping the average attendance in the section down to 2,000 lately). Despite the fact that 2008 had much worse problems with West Ham, the New England game, and other issues.

Anyways, hopefully the front office is dedicated to the growth and the future of the Nordecke. Because I think if the Nordecke disappeared it would hurt the club quite a bit down the road. Sure, there will always be a little trouble, it happens with passionate fans. But, when that happens you have to look down the road to what is possible 5-10 years from now. Do you want 20,000 fans jumping up and down, chanting. Or do you want 10,000-12,000 deathly silent fans with no Nordecke, like FC Dallas.

Hopefully it's the prior, but the ball isn't in our court.

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  1. I went to the Toronto game 2 weeks ago and I wasn't worried about tickets cuz the Nordecke is general admission. but when I get to the boxoffice the women is like "eh,the north end is sold out!" thats BS seems how I stood by the stage(uptop) and there was plenty of seats. I thought MLS was done with "Family" based entertainment?