Wednesday, August 19, 2009

8/19/09: Crew Officially Sign Emilio Renteria

A deal that has been in the works for the last three or four weeks is now officially completed, Emilio Renteria and his rifle shot will join the Crew's barrage of talent. The 24 year old will appear on CrewXtra tonight via translation from new Hispanic Relations Director Francisco Torreros. Emilio had to say to Mitchell the following today on the move, “I am really happy to be joining the best team in the United States, the Columbus Crew, and I am really looking forward to this phase of my career. I am going to work very hard to perform well and satisfy the coaches.” Brian Bliss explains what Emilio will bring to the fold, "Emilio has been on our radar for some time now and we're pleased to get him signed. He possesses good speed, quickness and long-range shooting ability and we're excited to incorporate him into the team."

My thoughts: I personally think this is a great move, the Crew have so many weapons but the one thing missing from the Massive's attack is a guy that can be dangerous from 20-30 yards out with the ball at his feet. Emilio is that guy.

I can also confirm, as Mitchell said, that Emilio is built like a brick outhouse. I went to the front office after the game last night to see if the ticket guys wanted me to pick up my banners and Emilio was standing outside the front office door like a bouncer. The guy looked like a OSU linebacker.


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