Sunday, August 16, 2009

8/16/09: FC Dallas No Match For Crew At Home

Alejandro Moreno was one of many Crew players to have a solid night in a 2-0 win against FC Dallas. (Pic by Studio 79)

The Columbus Crew picked up another victory at home dispatching FC Dallas 2-0. For the Crew, it was business as usual at home as just about everyone wearing yellow had a solid game. The win is the Crew's 5th straight triumph without MVP Guillermo Barros Schelotto and their 20th game without defeat at home.

Early on, it looked as if the Crew were going to cruise to victory after a Chad Marshall header in the 10th minute. The Crew had several opportunities to get that ever elusive second goal, including a second Marshall header that found the back of the net but was negated since Marshall was apparently offsides. Finally, in the 87th minute Gaven decided enough was enough, and went route six from the center circle all the way to goal scoring in the 87th minute.

FC Dallas had some opportunities in the contest, but Dallas was like a little minnow prodding a giant in the giant's cave, it just wasn't going to happen no matter what. Most of FCD's opportunities also weren't of the dangerous variety except for Jeff Cunningham's header in the second half that Hesmer brillantly parried.

Crewfighter's Ratings:
Hesmer 9- Not a whole lot to do for most of the game but saved a shot he shouldn't of saved against Jeff Cunningham. Could of ended 1-1 instead of 2-0 if Hesmer didn't come up big.
Zayner 9.7 MOTM- I'm giving Zayner the man of the match nod because he had, in my opinion, the best night of his young career. I can remember when there were question marks about this kid. But, his play lately has made him the heir apparent to Hejduk. In last night's game, Zayner tightroped multiple times down the right sideline around 2-3 Dallas players. He has the game and his confidence is growing, his runs and ability to join the attack were vital last night. Also, Zayner almost scored if he would of known what to do once he reached the penalty box. He looked shocked to be in there, lol.
Brunner 8.5- Another good performance.
Padula 8.5- Nice hustle to make some possible corner kicks into throw ins.
O'Rourke 8- Good performance, nothing bad or nothing amazing. Just doing the Carroll role to the best of his ability.
Moffat 8.5- Nice to see him back, thought he had a good game, looked sharp.
Ekpo 9.3- Dancing around FC Dallas players like it's going out of style. Had a solid night. The only negative I can think of was when Ekpo had a long uncontested shot and shanked it. I was thinking then, "man, I bet you Renteria corks that upper 90." That was the play there that Renteria will make the difference on. Other than that, great stuff. Glad to see Emmanuel getting some consistency.
Rogers 9.3- The flank men did their job last night. Ekpo and Rogers were terrorizing the FC Dallas players on the wing. Rogers moved around the left back multiple times in the game like he was facing off against a cone.
Moreno 9- Would be higher if he kept running on two break aways. Alejandro Moreno was shocked that he actually got two breakaways, that when Moreno could of corked a shot, he pulled it back and waited for someone else to join in the attack. I guess Ale was expecting someone to catch up to him both times when he could have run straight to goal. Could have easily of been a 4-0 game.
Lenhart 6.5- Nice hustle and his head on flicks are the best on the team. But, for a guy with a bad touch, he had a really bad touch last night. Just wasn't his night. Happens.

Well, I said a couple of weeks back that the Crew have to focus on getting to 39 points by winning out in their late July to early August schedule, and they did it. The Crew have put themselves in a great position and now have preparations for Puerto Rico to focus on for Tuesday.


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