Friday, August 14, 2009

8/14/09: Supporters Summit A Success

Crew Supporters received free beer last night and settled into their chairs to take in a panel that consisted of Robert Warzycha, Mark McCullers, new Director of Hispanic Relations Francisco Torreros, Frankie Hejduk, Danny O'Rourke, Brian Carroll, and head of security Ryan Smith (all pictured left to right above).

The main message the Crew organization conveyed to their core supporters was to bring it for the CONCACAF Champions League. McCullers and company were trying to convey to their supporters the importance the organization puts on what this means to the Crew and MLS as a whole. McCullers also stated he wanted the Crew to be the first MLS team to reach the Club World Cup, the destination for those who win CONCACAF to challenge the likes of Manchester United and etc. on a world stage. McCullers also stated that this "would be better marketing for the club than the Crew could ever buy."

So, Crew fans expect the front office to take this tournament seriously and for Warzycha to play hopefully his most competitive lineup. The fixture congestion for the Crew with CONCACAF Champions League won't be too bad this month since they have a week in August and early September off in MLS, but the tail end of September gets messy.

Also, apparently from what was heard at the Summit, in the next 72 hours the Crew will be pushing for a big marketing blitz of these games and people in Columbus should see the games being advertised on print/news/web and radio.

That would be great. But, I'll wait 72 hours before totally believing that the Crew are actually going to spend bucoo bucks on advertising these games. Hopefully they do as a showing of these fixtures importance to this club.

Other highlights from the night included Frankie Hejduk pushing for dollar beer night and flares, leading some Crew fans to say he should be in charge of Supporters negotiations with the FO :-). Further, Brian Carroll said he would like to do what Frankie did last year for his yellow card suspension this Saturday and hangout in the Nordecke. And, apparently the only catch on the night was that Crew fans cannot wave flags during the run of play (not sure why since everyone in the Nordecke should be game?) but it's fair enough that even diehards don't want an obstructed view all game.

Overall, everyone who was there seems pleased with the summit with the front office last night. Now let's go kick some FC Dullass. Vamos Columbus!

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  1. The problem with the flags is that it's the very Large flags that were causing the problem for others to see the game.
    The Gm did like the Idea of getting membership cards for the Nordecke with some sort of privilege for members different from the CSN only for the Nordecke. I can't remember but I thought somebody mentioned discounts for beer and food at the game for members and the GM liked the idea of it.
    The issue of the port a pots was brought up and that we need more of them for tailgates.
    La Turbina did have an issue with there tickets for the Galaxy game and wanted to make sure that they would be able to sit in Nordecke with the expanded section for that game because they were afraid that they would not be allowed in the section because there tickets are for sec 102 or 101 I think, they were assured that it would be OK and that the Head of security would make sure of it.