Thursday, August 13, 2009

8/13/09: Brad Friedel Wants To Return To Columbus. Although That Would Be Fantastic, Not Likely Happening For Anything But Draft Picks

According to Buzz Carrick at the 3rd Degree, former Crew goalkeeper and EPL mainstay Brad Friedel may be headed back to MLS. FC Dallas holds the number one spot for the allocation of returning MLS players and could be interested. But, Friedel has said he wants to go back to Columbus

Here's Carrick's entire piece:

Returning goalkeeper?
It could be Brad Freidel and that could help FCD.

Rumors are circulating it’s Brad Freidel that wants to come back to MLS. (Hyndman mentioned a keeper and a left back when talking about possible returning players, it’s down in the quotes section.)

Further rumor also states that Freidel wants to go to Columbus because it’s close to his academy. (Crewfighter's thoughts: Well, I'm sure being a former Crew player has something to do with it as well.)

Freidel was also spotted recently sitting with one of the Hunts at (the All Star Game).

Point being…

FC Dallas sits #1 on the returning player allocation list. Colorado is #2. Then KC… Chivas… etc, etc. The last list I saw had Columbus 13th.

So if you’re the Hunts and you own two teams in FCD and the Crew that’s probably cheating.

But let’s say your the Crew GM and you know FCD is sitting #1 and doens’t really have much a chance at getting someone. And Friedel wants to come to the Crew.

It’s a simple trade. #1 spot for something. Either a striker FCD needs or at least an equal cash allocation and something thrown in to sweeten the deal. Something like extra money or a player.

Picks don’t do FCD any good, they already have two picks in each of the first three rounds. TFC’s first and second, and the Crew’s third.

Hindsight being 20/20, although I said so at the time, passing on Szetela is looking dumber and dumber. Getting something to send Freidel to the Crew could salvage that.

My thoughts: The signing of Friedel would be a MASSIVE signing for Champions League (along with Renteria) if we didn't have ridicoulous salary cap restrictions. Friedel and his leadership ability would be a welcome addition in the back at CCS, but his salary and a trade for Dallas's spot would break up this team. The Crew doesn't have enough salary cap space to fit another expensive player like Friedel(who would also definitely need another DP spot) under the cap. And, Garber wonders why MLS teams falter in CONCACAF?

Further, the Crew can't afford to break up a championship caliber team for a goalkeeper. Especially when the Crew already have a solid keeper in William Hesmer. Resigning Hesmer to the bench wouldn't be fair to Will, who has done a commendably solid job mining the Crew nets for the last two Championship caliber seasons. It's not like everyone has been like, "OMG! Our goalkeeper is atrocious, we need to work on improving that position," instead Hesmer is universally respected by Crew fans. Also, it would be foolish to have one of your highest paid players at goalkeeper with a 2.6 million dollar cap. Not going to happen.

The only way it does happen is if the Crew trade Hesmer to Dallas. Which I think would be dumb because Hesmer has like 10 more years in him and won't likely be headed overseas. And, somehow the Crew get Friedel to play out the year at Hesmer's salary, and see what happens to GBS in 2010.

I doubt the Crew bite though. Not one of their outfield players deserves to be shipped away. All are excellent players with bright futures in Columbus.


  1. I say send Ekpo & Gruenebaum to Dallas if Columbus really wants Friedel. Other than the RSL game at Rio, Hesmer really hasn't done anything wrong. That is one bad game so far in two seasons. I think keeping Hesmer as starter is the better option. Friedel won't be a backup in MLS and Hesmer has stated that he is at the point in his career that he won't be a backup for Columbus (he said this when coming back from injury).

  2. Yeah, so if we get Friedel then Hesmer is gone. So, if the Crew were going to do this I would trade Hesmer for the spot. Because Hesmer does us no good on the bench.

    I would not trade Ekpo, I think he is the player on this team primed to break out soon. He has been excellent off the bench lately. He probably has the most raw talent on the team. We will need him more and more. Even if he can't be a full time starter he adds something dynamic when another team is tired off the bench.

    No way I would trade Ekpo, not even Hesmer. I would keep things the same.